Welcome Change Creek Road Nation

welcome Change

Welcome Change Creek Road Nation.

It has been a long time getting myself back into the saddle of writing again. I was ruing out of ideas and passion to write about them. I have been reviewing and working on making The Creek Road Podcast a better community. I am going to make a few changes so that I can offer you the best content I can provide. Your time is precious and limited and I am grateful for every second you share with me here.

First Change

I am cutting back the Number of Post’s I am going to write each week. Less quantity High Quality.

I hope to take on or share other authors content with you each week and there work will be additional to my own.

Second Change

The Creek Road Podcast published on Sundays will probably be shorter. I am on the Fence about this one The Average Daily commute to work is 25.5 minutes. So a podcast longer than that has to be interrupted Because of work what a shame LOL. But I feel that and Hour Podcast gives you the chance to listen to the podcast on the way to and from work. Or if you listen during your workout and hour is a better time limit. What I think I will do is at the 23 minute time spot I will do the House Keeping. Thanking the people who use the Amazon affiliate Link and that kind of stuff. That way you can pause or stop the podcast and go about work and the conversation can continue after work. Let me know how you feel about this in comments section below.

Third Change

I have Created Two New Links for The Creek Road Nation.

The First is Http://TheCreekRoadPodcast.com/amazon I created this so that when you want to shop on Amazon. Just type that address into your browsers address bar it will take you straight to Amazon using The Creek Road Podcast Affiliate Link and Help Support the Show.

The Second is Http://TheCreekRoadPodcast.com/book This Link is to Audible.com I know that The Creek Road Nation likes to listen to Audio Books because so many of you listen to my Podcast. So I teamed up with Audible.com to provide you with and Amazing Deal I wish I had received when I joined Audible years ago

What are you getting?

    • Includes two free audiobooks with your free trial.
    • Choose from 150,000+ best sellers, new releases sci-fi, romances, mysteries, classics, and more.
    • After 30 days, get 1 book each month, $14.95/month
    • Cancel easily anytime. Your books are yours to keep, even if you cancel.

I know it sound like a Commercial But I have to admit that I use the affiliate links and I love Audible I have so many books on my phone that I would have never set down and read in book form.

Finally I want to share my passion with you about all things that make life simpler. I will be talking about things in the future that may seem like I am not Exploring A Simplified Life, The New Old Fashioned Way. Because I will be talking about The Latest Computer or Smart Phone. The Truth Is Creek Road Nation we can either let the technology of the present and future run or ruin our lives. Or we can use them to make life easier and simpler.

Jerry Mollett The Creek Road Podcast.
Hope you join me on the Journey.

If you received entertainment and/or value from The Creek Road Podcast, Go To TheCreekRoadPodcast.com/amazon. For your Next Amazon purchase It costs you nothing and will help us with the costs of our website, as Amazon pays us up to 10% of your total purchases, thank you.

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Jerry is a podcaster and blogger. Bringing to the attention of his listeners the loss of their personal liberties, and calling to attention the personal responsibility’s they are turning over to bureaucratic agencies whose only agenda is continued growth and expansion.
Jerry has built a reputation as a person who can identify an issue find a solution, and fix the problem. As a working man his whole life. The many jobs have allowed him to build a skill set that range from pizza to running large printing presses. Going back to school he retrained himself in the computer support field. this has led him to the current job he holds. Supporting the local school systems computer networks. A few days a week he works helping people with repair advice and parts to fix their cars.
Jerry tries to bring a new outlook to the normal gloom and doom of prepping and modern survival. By reminding people that the fastest way to recover their personal liberties is to take back the personal responsibilities they walked away from.