Turtles Ahead Look Out


Turtles Ahead Look Out

Today On my Way to one of the Schools I support. I was surprised to see in the road A Turtle. Now seeing Box Turtles in the road is not that uncommon in May or July. Unfortunately it is all too common to see the ever present Box Turtle Crushed on the road. But this wasn’t a Box Turtle. To be honest I didn’t know what kind of turtle it was. As normal I stopped and moved the turtle out of the road and take a few pictures.

Painted Turtle

Once to the School I set out to repairing computers. A little later in the day I stopped for a few minutes to take a break. Frank was walking down the hall I asked him if he had ever see a turtle like the one in my pictures before. He said that he hadn’t. After a short talk we figured that someone must have let a pet turtle loose. It is March and Turtles should still be holed up hibernating we concluded. But I just couldn’t get that turtle out of my thoughts.

Painted Plant Turtle

Later in the afternoon I was doing updates to a laptop and had a few minutes I could do a Google Search for Turtles Native to West Virginia. Finding a Marshall.edu web page that identified the turtle I had found in the road.

“Midland Painted Turtles are common throughout the Allegheny Plateau in West Virginia.  They may be seen more frequently than many other turtles in the state due to their basking habits on the water surface or near the shore.”

Midland Painted Turtle

Photo by Thomas K. Pauley


Painted Turtle Is a Very good Name for the turtle. Yellow Stripes on the head with Red spots. Makes for a Very Beautifully Marked Turtle. I was concerned that it was a protected turtle there are a few protected turtles in West Virginia. But the Research turned out that it is a common turtle. I have seen hundreds of turtles basking in the Sun on the edge of a Pond or Lake. I have even seen those stacked 3 high. You can’t get close enough to get a good look at them. As soon as they see you they slide back into the water.

I guess it is getting warmer faster this year if the turtles are out in March. I hope that you take a minute and pull over and move our turtle friend’s out of the road if you can safely. The next car might not see them in time.

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Photo From Flickr Commons Thank you: Painted Turtle

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