Get Home Kit Episode 040 The Creek Road Podcast

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Get Home Kit Episode 040 The Creek Road Podcast

Today on The Creek Road Podcast We Build a Basic Get Home Kit. We will go over what I have put in my Get home Kit. Options and ideas to add to your Get Home Kit. Remember keep it small and light weight you might have to walk. But include things to keep your comfort in a Stressful time.

small bag with the 5 c’s of Survivability David Canterbruy
1 Cutting: Tool Knife prefraburably Full tang or Mora Knife
2 Contaner: Single Wall Stanless canteen with Nesting Cup
3 Combustion: Bic Lighter Matches Ferro Rod Cotten Balls with Vasaline and a Tube of Carmex
4 Cover: Small tarp, Emergency Mylar Blankets or tent.
5 Cordage: Bank Line

6 Change of Clothing  1 Pants 3 Underwhere 3 socks 1 shirt.
6.1 Prescription Meds
7 Chow From Power Bars to Granoloa, Jerky, nuts, a Few Mountan House Meals.
8 Cash Cash is King you might not be able to use ATM or Credit Cards Keep Cash in your Wallet or in a Belt or in your GHK

9 Composition note book 3×5 with Carpenter Pencil.  Standard Pencils are Very Difficult to sharpen with out a Pencil Sharpener. But a Carpenters Pencil is ment to be sharpend with a Knife. But adding a Pincil sharpener to your Kit will provide a wonderfull way to make small tinder to start fire and save your knife.

10 Communications  Cellphone, Cb Radio, Ham Radio. Small Am/FM radio Battery Powered.


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