The Creek Road Podcast Episode 034 Bugs Dijor

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Bugs Dijor

The Creek Road Podcast Episode 034 Bugs Dijor

Welcome Frinds to Episode 034 of The Creek Road Podcast This Week we speak of

This Week In West Virginia

Product Review Tramontina Cast Iron Enameled Dutch Oven.
Enameled cast iron cookware is not as common in the US. As it is in other parts of the world. Enameling cast iron is a way to protect the cookware from corrosion or chemical processes. Improve the look or decorate the cookware.

Eating Bugs
“According to Grub, online purveyors of freeze-dried insects for culinary purposes, 80% of the world’s nations eat insects as a part of their diet. They can be farmed in a much smaller space than large livestock, and require a substantially lower quantity of water and feed to rear to adult size” Quoted From MSN This is why we should be eating insects

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