The Creek Road Podcast Episode 030 Spring Sprang

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The Creek Road Podcast episode 030

The Creek Road Podcast Episode 030 Spring Sprang

This week on The Creek Road Podcast Episode 030 we speak about

This Week in West Virginia

Warm Sunny days and the first sights of spring. And not Feeling Well

Spring and the Vernal Equinox

Friday was the First official Day of Spring and the Vernal Equinox according to the almanac it happed at 3/20/2015: 6:45 pm EST when the sun crosses over the celestial equator. If you are a weather man spring started March 1st. For me spring started when I opened the door Tuesday evening last week and heard the Tree Frogs Peeping. About that same time I noticed the Maple Trees were just starting get tipped with red Buds.  Red buds are a sure sign of days getting longer. And within a few days those Red Buds Burst and what was just a hint of red is now very noticeable. Soon there will be small leaves.

Growing Seedlings for sell to recover the money spent on my garden and maybe make some extra money. Finding Compost or Topsoil, My faïence Building her own top soil for her raised beds.

18th Century Cooking

I have discovered the most interesting You Tube Channel 18th Century Cooking Jas Townsend and Son. The Premises of the Show is of course 18th Century Foods and How to cook them. Mr. Jon Townsend has and opportunity in television content production. I wish the videos were longer and that says a lot about a production it is easy to make a long video with very little information. But to make the video short and contain all the information he puts into his video takes talent. He wears period clothes and uses period cooking products even to the point where he is in the woods cooking over and open fire

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$Who’s John Gault$

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