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Slow Cooker SoFrit Chicken Gizzards

SoFrit With Broc chicken gizzards

SoFrit Chicken Gizzards & Harts in Tomato Pepper sauce

Have I got a Treat Of a recipe for your Crock Pot today. Slow Cooker Sofrit “Chicken Gizzards & Harts In a Tomato Pepper Sauce”. I went to the Google’s to see what the Italian translation for Chicken Gizzards was and found out that my conglomeration was a recipe. I had never heard of SoFrit. Oh By the Way the Italian Translation for Chicken Gizzards is “Ventriglio Di Pollo”. Olives-N-Okra Talk about Sofrit, or Chicken Gizzards & Hearts in Hot Sauce being and old Italian dish common in Rhode Island. My ingredients are so close that I am calling my dish SoFrit. Instead of Ventriglio Di Pollo or Italian Chicken Gizzards.
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Healthy lifestyle tips

B.C. families living the healthiest lifestyles in Canada

Healthy lifestyle tips

One of the benefits of Exploring A Simplified Life, In the New Old Fashioned Way. Is that you will feel better and become healthier. I mean if you’re out working in the garden, taking care of the farm animals, walking the Woods foraging for the Wild Foods, or cooking from scratch you’re going to be healthier. So let’s go over a Few Healthy Lifestyle Tips from Our Grandparents, Or at least mine. Continue reading

Exercise. The other part of your diet: Walking



Exercise.  The other part of your diet: Walking

Spring is almost here.  This is the time of year that you shed the layers of clothes that you bundled up in all winter.  It is also the time you can’t hide all the excess body fat you may have put on in the winter.  We all know that diet is important, but exercise is the reminder of the equation.  I figured out in life that I like to eat, but the more important thing I figured out is that I like to eat more than my body naturally burns off.  That is why I desperately need exercise.  I choose exercise over deprivation when I am trying to maintain my weight.  Without exercise I will gain about 10 pounds a year.   Diet is 70% of weight control and exercise is 30%.  You can not just exercise your way thin without changing your diet.  But adding exercise will amp up your weight loss, help you maintain your weight, or just let you have an extra snack a day without guilt. Continue reading

I’m A Fat Man, I Eat Because I’m Unhappy, I’m Unhappy Because I Eat

Fat Burger

I Eat Because I’m Unhappy, I’m Unhappy Because I Eat

I’m Fat Yes I lost 102 pounds in the course of a year. I used the paleo Diet and exercise I walked about every day. Some days I missed but I bet I averaged 5 days of walking a week over that year. The reason I am saying that I am fat is because I am I still weigh 365 pounds I have put back on 40 pounds from my lowest weight of 328 pounds. I’m ok with putting on part of the weight I lost. Why you ask well it is normal for people to put weight back on for the winter months. And even then I have not been as strictly following my paleo diet as I was. Because of the extra job I took at advanced auto. And the weather I haven’t been walking. So I have put back on 40 pounds Big deal now that the weather is changing and I have Quit my second job I can now get myself back on the Paleo lifestyle and get back to walking and working in my garden this year. Oh how much I am looking forward to my garden. I can’t wait to start building my raised Beds and filling them with soil. Planting the seeds to vegetable success. Continue reading

The Creek Road Podcast Episode 025

Download Episode 025 Win To Lose

The Creek Road Podcast

Welcome friends to episode 025 of The Creek Road Podcast Exploring A Simplified Life, The New Old Fashioned Way

This week in West Virginia

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Real Food

real food

Real Food

So what do you eat on the paleo diet? This has to be the third most common question I am asked. The most frequent question. Have you lost weight? The next one is how did you lose that much weight? You are going to get asked questions about this paleo diet what it is. Isn’t that the caveman diet? Some will say. To be honest I don’t know if you would call my diet true paleo. It started off paleo and moved to a simple wholesome diet like our grandparents ate. If you stop and ask your grandparents what dinner used to be when they were younger. Or your parents. Continue reading

Win At Losing Weight


Win At Losing Weight

Yesterday I talked about how I lost 102 pounds on the Paleo diet and kept off 63 pounds. That means I have put back on 39 pounds. It’s not uncommon for a person to put back on weight after losing it. I have read that it takes 10 years of sustained weight loss for your body to become accustomed to the new weight. One of the biggest reasons people have trouble keeping weight off is that your body sees a loss of more than 10% as starvation. It makes you want to eat everything. The problem is, that as a person trying to lose weight, you want to keep losing weight. Continue reading

How I lost Weight 102 Pounds


How I lost weight 102 Pounds and have kept 63 pounds off for over a year.

As most of you know I am 46 years old and will be 47 years old in May 2015. In May of 2013 I stepped on a set of special scales at the nurse’s office at one of the schools I repair computers at. I knew that I was Fat, Heavy, Big Boned, Chunky, I had always been a heavier than most people. My weight never stopped me from doing anything I wanted to do. But that day I stepped on the scales the “special scales” why were they special.  Because most scales are set to a max of 250 to 300 pounds. It had been years since I had known how much I weighted. No scale I had or could find went above 300 pounds. Now it was May of 2013 I was standing in the nurse’s office and in front of me was a digital scale that would weight to 450 pounds. With a smug attitude I stepped on the scales “I am Fat and I know it but I do whatever I want it has never stopped me from doing anything I wanted” Then the display blinked a few times to let me know that I was fidgeting. I stood still and the Display Flashed 430.54 LBS  I was heart broke 430 pounds Only fat people weight that much I do what I want. I climb five flights of stairs every day just to get to the Technology office. I Moved all that computer equipment and office furniture up the same five flights of stairs.  It was like a hammer blow to the center of my forehead. What am I going to do? I have to do something only people on TV weight 430 pounds and they never leave the house.

I started to look back over my life and realize that no diet I had ever tried worked.  About this time I had started to listen to a podcast called The Survival Podcast its commenter is Jack Spirko. He would talk about everything from Guarding to Guns and everything in between. But his comments on the Paleo diet struck a chord. I started to do some research and found that the paleo diet is a simplified diet based on the foods that hunter gatherers could find.

The Paleo diet is Based on the Fact that our ancestor. Before Farming had a limited Food Supply. Mostly Meat and Vegetables that were at hand they would eat the foods in season. And stored the foods that needed processing like Grains and tubers for lean times.

So often the paleo diet is seen as a meat only diet. But in accuatiality it is mostly vegetables with meat. And the permission given to yourself to eat whatever you want and as much as you want. The funny thing is that your inner voice will test you. It will say things like are you really going to eat a pound of bacon. Do it!! do what you want, inside of a simple set of rules? For the first 30 days

  1. No Bread
  2. No Beans
  3. No potatoes
  4. No rice
  5. No corn
  6. No sugar

The Most important Rule I can give is if you want to eat the biggest steak you can buy do it! This will shut up your internal voice that tells you bad things about yourself.

The interesting things is about 3 weeks into this lifestyle change you will get sick. You will feel like you’re coming down with a virus. But this is when your body switches over from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. It takes about a week of being sick and you will start to feel amazing.  Have you noticed that I haven’t told you to do any exercise yet it is coming? About a week after you feel sick you will start to have so much energy you will want to exercise. Do whatever you want to do. But the best exercise is walking. Just walk for 30 minutes a day. That is how I do it. I walk with my little dog seven. For 15 minutes one way turn and come back home. This diet is the most amazing lifestyle change I have ever made. I lost 102 pounds total I went from 430 pounds to 328 pounds. I started to let some of the NO foods come back into my diet and have slacked off my walking. But I have maintained a weight loss of 63 pounds for over a year. And I am looking forward to starting again as soon as the cold breaks I will be back at the walking and eating my Vegetables and Meat.  I hope you try this Lifestyle change. It is the reason I don’t mind going on a diet.

One Of The Best Books for The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to Eat

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