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Get Home Kit Episode 040 The Creek Road Podcast

Download Episode 040 Get Home Kit


Get Home Kit Episode 040 The Creek Road Podcast

Today on The Creek Road Podcast We Build a Basic Get Home Kit. We will go over what I have put in my Get home Kit. Options and ideas to add to your Get Home Kit. Remember keep it small and light weight you might have to walk. But include things to keep your comfort in a Stressful time.

small bag with the 5 c’s of Survivability David Canterbruy
1 Cutting: Tool Knife prefraburably Full tang or Mora Knife
2 Contaner: Single Wall Stanless canteen with Nesting Cup
3 Combustion: Bic Lighter Matches Ferro Rod Cotten Balls with Vasaline and a Tube of Carmex
4 Cover: Small tarp, Emergency Mylar Blankets or tent.
5 Cordage: Bank Line

6 Change of Clothing  1 Pants 3 Underwhere 3 socks 1 shirt.
6.1 Prescription Meds
7 Chow From Power Bars to Granoloa, Jerky, nuts, a Few Mountan House Meals.
8 Cash Cash is King you might not be able to use ATM or Credit Cards Keep Cash in your Wallet or in a Belt or in your GHK

9 Composition note book 3×5 with Carpenter Pencil.  Standard Pencils are Very Difficult to sharpen with out a Pencil Sharpener. But a Carpenters Pencil is ment to be sharpend with a Knife. But adding a Pincil sharpener to your Kit will provide a wonderfull way to make small tinder to start fire and save your knife.

10 Communications  Cellphone, Cb Radio, Ham Radio. Small Am/FM radio Battery Powered.


Gardening Tips Catching Rain Water


Gardening Tips Catching Rain Water

Every year the spring rains come and turn everyone’s yards into Muddy Messes. Every one Curses the spring rains for the mess they create. I look at them like a shower after a long hard day. Renewed life the clean smell, the songs of the birds and the twitter of the tree frogs after a spring rain are enough of a comparison to how I feel after a shower to be dismissed. Our grandparents looked at the spring rains as a chance to fill the ponds recharge the wells and top off the cisterns. Continue reading

Frugal Living Oil Lamp Wick Maintenance


Frugal Living Oil Lamp Wick Maintenance

Growing up we had Oil lamps in the home in case the electric went out. These Effective and inexpensive forms of Light worked wonderfully keeping the Boogie Man away.  I would say that if you went from home to home in my part of the world as a child. You would find that almost everyone had the same oil lamps. They were as common as soup beans and fried taters. Continue reading

Frugal Living Oil Lamp

Oil Lamp

Frugal Living Oil Lamp

We have talked about Tea Light Candles conveyance of having them as a backup light source. Cheap Small and easy to stash in ever drawer they are at hand all the time. But what if you need more light or just want to find a way to use other things to make Light. Or Gasp you didn’t buy any and now you’re scrounging around trying to find a way to make some form of Illumination.

Let’s take a Page from History. Oil or Fat Lamps have existed you might as well say forever.  In their simplest forms they are a container with fat and a wick of some kind to draw the fat to the end of the wick where the flame Burns and produces light. Continue reading

Can you Cook over and open fire

Cooking fire

Can You Cook over and open fire

I have heard it so many times “Ill Build and fire and cook dinner” Have you ever cooked over and open fire? I would guess that the consistency and simplicity of heat control of your modern Gas or Electric Stove has provide you with a false sense of confidence. I bet that if you asked 100 people on the street have you ever cooked on an open fire.  95 or better would say no. If you asked the Same 100 people do you think you can cook your dinner on an open fire 100 of them would say yes. To be honest I would bet that most of them would be able to eat something. But there is and art to cooking over an open fire. You can’t just turn the heat up and down with the flip of a knob. True campfire cooks know that you have to maintain and tend the fire, bank the coals know when it is cool enough so you can cook. That is right you just can’t build a roaring fire and stick your pan of hamburgers over the flames. You will have burnt outside and raw insides and ruined food and hungry bellies. Continue reading

Todays Modern Food It’s Not what you think

Todays Modern Food It’s Not what you think

I found this Video as I was watching The Handbook of Human Ownership – A Manual for New Tax Farmers. It is and interesting Take on what is up in todays Company Controlled Foods Continue reading

Paring Knife Or Light Camp Knife


Paring Knife Or Light Camp Knife

Saturday I was at Walmart that would have been 2-25-2015 for all you future readers. I had went to find a smaller crock pot. I have found that the 5 qt slow cooker I have is just too big for one person. I’m still trying to get used to cooking for less than me and my 3 boys. One of my boys Jason he eats like a bird but my other two boys Robbie and Gerald Both Eat like me Mass Quantity’s as Beldar the Cone Head would say. Continue reading

Raising Chickens #2 “Dietary Needs ”

dietary needs

Dietary Needs

So yesterday I talked about the chicken house, today I will continue with the next thing on the list, dietary needs.

A healthy balanced diet, can be a bit more challenging depending on how much time you have, but it doesn’t have to be. I try to stay away from commercial laying mash or crumbles as I believe it is not best thing for my chickens. My dad was a veterinarian and advised me against using it if it could be avoided, but sometimes I do supplement with it, especially if I am short on time. Keep in mind these posts, this information is just from my experiences and preferences, and should be viewed as such. Continue reading

Define a few terms


Define SHTF

According to the Urban Dictionary

“When the Shit Hits The Fan.

To survivalists and preparedness people, this is the big disaster. Normally connotes the total breakdown of civilization and social order.”

There are other names. eotwawki = end of the world as we know it. teotwawki = the end of the world as we know it.

It is the belief that when something happens that causes society to stumble or break down totally. The Shit has Hit the Fan.

Define Prepper. Continue reading

Liberty Or Soup

Froze Liberty

Frozen Liberty


 Liberty Or Soup


What is liberty?  Google Definition


Noun: liberty

  1. The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.
  2. The power or scope to act as one pleases. “individuals should enjoy the liberty to pursue their own interests and preferences”

Benjamin Franklyn said that “Those Who Sacrifice Liberty for Security Deserve Neither.”

We have liberty because we are alive, the declaration of independence said.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Continue reading