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The Creek Road Podcast Episode 039 Back In the Saddle Again

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The Creek Road Pod Cast Episode 039 Back In the Saddle Again

This week on The Creek Road Podcast we talk about.

Where I’ve Been

Saving Seeds

There are so many reasons why you and I want to save seeds. From the mundane to the profound. Saving seeds gives you the opportunity to create you own strain or variety of Mum. it lets you share in the Bounty of the surplus our garden gives us in so many new ways. That ripe Juicy tomato that you picked from the tomato plant that sprouted in your compost bed. To the Watermelon that Grew out from under the deck probably planted buy the Games played last 4th of July during the Cook out. And grandma’s mums she so lovingly doted and plants every year.

Why Gun Control Can’t work

“347,000.00” Three Hundred and forty Seven Million. That is the Number of Guns as of 2012 in America.

The Average Gun Owner in America is White, Middle Aged “55” and participates in the Shooting or Hunting Culture.

The average victim of viloant gun crime is Black only 19% likely to keep guns in the home. Whites report 41% keeping guns in the home.

Gun ownership of younger adults with children under 18 living at home as been dropping since 1987.

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$Who’s John Gault$

Spring And The Vernal Equinox

Spring And The Vernal Equinox

Spring And The Vernal Equinox

Today is the First official Day of Spring and the Vernal Equinox according to the almanac it happens at 6:45 pm EST when the sun crosses over the celestial equator. If you are a weather man spring started March 1st. For me spring started when I opened the door the other evening and heard the Tree Frogs Peeping. About that same time I noticed that the Trees were just starting get the red Buds. The red buds are a sure sign of days getting longer. And within a few days the Red Buds Burst and what was just a hint of red is now very noticeable. Soon there will be small leaves. There is the old timers saying I heard my Grandpa say every year. Got to get the potatoes into the ground by Saint Patrick’s Day. But the Old Indian Wisdom says Plant the potato when the buds on the trees are the size of a squirrel’s ear. Well that would be about now. The Indians cultivated a lot of crops and use the signs of the season to do it by. Continue reading

Homesteading And Secondary Forms Of Income

Homestead Scouting

Homesteading And Secondary Forms Of Income

Over the years I have watched a lot of people Live a Homestead lifestyle. They work all day at the 9 To 5 job come home and work the Homestead. The Funny thing is that the term Homestead Evokes an Image in most people’s minds of a Conestoga Wagon Pulled by an Ox or Horse team Filled to over flowing with a Family hanging on heading to the Promised Land.

Well that might have been a true image of the Homestead Or more accurately The Homesteaders of the 1800. But todays Homesteaders are everyday people like you and me. The Homestead you work can be your 1/12th acre lot in the suburbs. Continue reading

Planting the Seeds Of Profit


Planting the Seeds Of Profit

Yesterday’s Trip to Walmart let me get more seeds for my Garden. It is and exciting time of the year for people who like to garden. The seed catalogs have been in for a while. My Nanny used to call two types of catalogs Wish Books. The First was the Spring Gardening Seed Catalogs, and the Second was the Sears Christmas Catalog. Both were sent out early enough so that you can set and plan and dream of the new plants or toys. And you always wished that your garden plants or toys turned out as well. As I look back and think about that I have to admit that there is a lot of Wisdom in that observation. “We all miss you Nanny” Continue reading

Plant the Seeds For Spring


Plant the Seeds For Spring

Went to the Dollar General Sunday after posting up the Podcast. They have the garden seeds out. In the past I always wondered why they put the seeds out so early in the year. I mean it is nasty the snow is still on and frozen so hard I can walk on it without sinking much. I am not a little man. Well as I get older I relished that garden season sneaks up on you.  One day you’re scraping the Ice from your windshield and the next you’re enjoying the sunshine. And warm breeze of spring and it’s too late to plant the seeds leftover in the seed rack at the local mega mart. But if you take your time and pick your seeds when you see the racks start coming out in late February early March you will have time to plan and plant your seed starts and get off to a good early start. Continue reading

Plan to sow, Plan to sow, Plan to sow

Sow Rice

Plan to sow, Plan to sow, Plan to sow

As the song goes “Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful” this is the pregame gardening season. It is time for all the soil warriors to start planning and planting your spring garden seed inside to get the earliest start possible. For me it is planning season. I am starting out this year behind having skipped last year. Continue reading

Raising Chickens #2 “Dietary Needs ”

dietary needs

Dietary Needs

So yesterday I talked about the chicken house, today I will continue with the next thing on the list, dietary needs.

A healthy balanced diet, can be a bit more challenging depending on how much time you have, but it doesn’t have to be. I try to stay away from commercial laying mash or crumbles as I believe it is not best thing for my chickens. My dad was a veterinarian and advised me against using it if it could be avoided, but sometimes I do supplement with it, especially if I am short on time. Keep in mind these posts, this information is just from my experiences and preferences, and should be viewed as such. Continue reading

Wild Onions

Wild Onion

wild onion

Today I want to talk about and opportunity growing in most lawns. Most people walk past wild onions never giving them a second thought or looking on it as a nuisance that needs removed from the yard. Most people don’t even know that they are delicious. Here in West Virginia they are plentiful, seemingly everywhere you look. The plants can grow quite large, but this time of year they are small and sweet they are one of the few wild foods you can collect in winter. Continue reading

What’s in your Garden?

garden Veg

 What’s in your Garden?

I know that it is early it’s January. But it is a good time to get out a notebook and start thinking of what you want to plant this gardening season. Soon it will be time to start your cold weather crops like onions, lettuce, peas, beets, the list goes on and on. If you plan ahead you should be seeing your garlic start to poke its head up in a few weeks. It won’t be long until the days go from cold to cool and mild. Young plants will start to show in stores for the gardeners that don’t like to start their own pants. Seed packets are already loaded on pallets and might be making and appearance in your local mega-mart already. So what plans do you have this year.  Do you have one? Continue reading

Long Term Food Storage Containers: Part One

Five Gallon Storage

Long Term Food Storage Containers: Part One

Everyone has an Idea as to what is the best storage container for long term food storage, and a lot of the time, that idea is based in personal preference. Other times it is purely, what’s the best tool for the job. I have a preference for the  Mylar Bags . They come in huge sizes to small sandwich bags you can even get a size to line a five gallon bucket so you can stack protection functions. I like to prepare my long term storage meals in small portions seal them and then store large quantities of these in bigger storage containers, that way I can open the bucket, can, or jar and pull out what I need without effecting the shelf life of the other food stored. Mylar Bags are an amazing way to store long term dry foods like beans, rice, and freeze dried foods. Take any  Mason Jar Meal Recipe and just put it in a Mylar bag and you have a meal that is tough and packable. Continue reading