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The Creek Road Podcast Episode 037 Mothers Day

Download Episode 037 Mothers Day

Mothers Day

The Creek Road Podcast Episode 037 Mothers Day

This Week In West Virginia

Mother Day

Russia’s New Tanks

NSA Phone Records Collection Is Illigal

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Welcome Change Creek Road Nation

welcome Change

Welcome Change Creek Road Nation.

It has been a long time getting myself back into the saddle of writing again. I was ruing out of ideas and passion to write about them. I have been reviewing and working on making The Creek Road Podcast a better community. I am going to make a few changes so that I can offer you the best content I can provide. Your time is precious and limited and I am grateful for every second you share with me here.

First Change

I am cutting back the Number of Post’s I am going to write each week. Less quantity High Quality. Continue reading

The Creek Road Podcast Episode 033 Changes

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Welcome Friends to Episode 033 Changes Of the Creek Road Podcast.

This week we Speak of

This Week in West Virginia Spring Is hear West Virginia What are those Pink Flowers in the Grass ?

We Speak Of the Changes Coming to the Format of the Webpage And the Podcast

We speak about Being aware of the Conditions of your Tires. Side Wall Condition of a Tire Can be more of a danger than tread condition. Gash In a Side wall Bad things a Coming.

We Speak of My Biggest Passion The Paleo Diet and Losing More Weight to Feel Better.

And Spinach Dish Kids will Love and ask for more.

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The Creek Road Podcast Episode 032 Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday

Welcome Friends to Episode 032 Easter Sunday of The Creek Road Podcast

This Week We Speak of

This Week in West Virginia, Beautiful spring bird song and the mocking bird living in my back porch eave.

Healthy living: Dealing With Heel Pain

Dealing with Heel Pain. I have heal pain. When it is acting up it keeps me from my walking exercises. It has forced me to leave my 2nd job at Advanced Auto Parts. If you have experienced it you know what I am talking about. When you get up from a resting position it hurts. And getting up during the night or in the morning can be excruciating. This is a condition called “Plantar Fasciitis” In my case once I found a treatment it was easy and immediate relief from the pain.

Gardening Tips: Catching Rain Water

Every year the spring rains come and turn everyone’s yards into muddy messes. Everyone curses the spring rains for the mess they create. I look at them like a shower after a long hard day. Renewed life, the clean smell, the songs of the birds and the twitter of the tree frogs after a spring rain are enough of a comparison to how I feel after a shower to be dismissed. Our grandparents looked at the spring rains as a chance to fill the ponds recharge the wells and top off the cisterns.

The Frugal Secret!

Nanny didn’t waste money but she wasn’t afraid to spend it either. She would spend money on big hams, or that huge turkey. She knew The Frugal Secret!  Nanny was born during the years leading to the great depression. She had seen her fair share of hard times. It showed in how she cooked. She was an old time cook. The classic home maker that can walk into a bare kitchen and perform some kind of grandmother Voodoo that created a dinner from empty refrigerator and bare pantry shelves

SoFrit Chicken Gizzards & Harts in Tomato Pepper sauce

Have I got a treat of a recipe for your crock pot today. Slow cooker Sofrit “Chicken Gizzards & Harts In a Tomato Pepper Sauce”. I went to the Google’s to see what the Italian translation for Chicken Gizzards was and found out that my conglomeration was a recipe. I had never heard of SoFrit. Oh by the way, the Italian translation for chicken gizzards is “Ventriglio Di Pollo”. Olives-N-Okra talk about Sofrit, or chicken gizzards & hearts in hot sauce being and old Italian dish common in Rhode Island. My ingredients are so close that I am calling my dish SoFrit. Instead of Ventriglio Di Pollo or Italian Chicken Gizzards.

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The Creek Road Podcast Episode 031 Memories

Down Load Episode 031 Memories The Creek Road Podcast

512x512 Sunny Exploring A Simple Life

Welcome Friends To Episode 031 Memories Of The Creek Road Podcast

This Week on The Creek Road Podcast We Speak of

This Week In West Virginia

Beautiful Warm Weather, The Song of the Red Wing Black Bird, 70 Degree Days Continue reading

Spring And The Vernal Equinox

Spring And The Vernal Equinox

Spring And The Vernal Equinox

Today is the First official Day of Spring and the Vernal Equinox according to the almanac it happens at 6:45 pm EST when the sun crosses over the celestial equator. If you are a weather man spring started March 1st. For me spring started when I opened the door the other evening and heard the Tree Frogs Peeping. About that same time I noticed that the Trees were just starting get the red Buds. The red buds are a sure sign of days getting longer. And within a few days the Red Buds Burst and what was just a hint of red is now very noticeable. Soon there will be small leaves. There is the old timers saying I heard my Grandpa say every year. Got to get the potatoes into the ground by Saint Patrick’s Day. But the Old Indian Wisdom says Plant the potato when the buds on the trees are the size of a squirrel’s ear. Well that would be about now. The Indians cultivated a lot of crops and use the signs of the season to do it by. Continue reading

Healthy lifestyle tips

B.C. families living the healthiest lifestyles in Canada

Healthy lifestyle tips

One of the benefits of Exploring A Simplified Life, In the New Old Fashioned Way. Is that you will feel better and become healthier. I mean if you’re out working in the garden, taking care of the farm animals, walking the Woods foraging for the Wild Foods, or cooking from scratch you’re going to be healthier. So let’s go over a Few Healthy Lifestyle Tips from Our Grandparents, Or at least mine. Continue reading

Friday The 13th and Black Cats

Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th and Black Cats

As many of you know Today is Friday the 13th personally it is a good day for me. several years ago I decided that I would no longer let the superstition of a date direct my conclusions about a day passed, present or future.

The day that I came to this conclusion was a normal work day. I had been busy delivering pizza. I worked for a local Domino’s pizza. Friday nights were always busy in the Gallipolis Ohio Store. This was back when Domino’s had the 30 minute or 3 dollars off your order guarantee. And if you were late and had to pay out the 3 dollars it came out of your pocket. Continue reading

Can you Cook over and open fire

Cooking fire

Can You Cook over and open fire

I have heard it so many times “Ill Build and fire and cook dinner” Have you ever cooked over and open fire? I would guess that the consistency and simplicity of heat control of your modern Gas or Electric Stove has provide you with a false sense of confidence. I bet that if you asked 100 people on the street have you ever cooked on an open fire.  95 or better would say no. If you asked the Same 100 people do you think you can cook your dinner on an open fire 100 of them would say yes. To be honest I would bet that most of them would be able to eat something. But there is and art to cooking over an open fire. You can’t just turn the heat up and down with the flip of a knob. True campfire cooks know that you have to maintain and tend the fire, bank the coals know when it is cool enough so you can cook. That is right you just can’t build a roaring fire and stick your pan of hamburgers over the flames. You will have burnt outside and raw insides and ruined food and hungry bellies. Continue reading

I’m A Fat Man, I Eat Because I’m Unhappy, I’m Unhappy Because I Eat

Fat Burger

I Eat Because I’m Unhappy, I’m Unhappy Because I Eat

I’m Fat Yes I lost 102 pounds in the course of a year. I used the paleo Diet and exercise I walked about every day. Some days I missed but I bet I averaged 5 days of walking a week over that year. The reason I am saying that I am fat is because I am I still weigh 365 pounds I have put back on 40 pounds from my lowest weight of 328 pounds. I’m ok with putting on part of the weight I lost. Why you ask well it is normal for people to put weight back on for the winter months. And even then I have not been as strictly following my paleo diet as I was. Because of the extra job I took at advanced auto. And the weather I haven’t been walking. So I have put back on 40 pounds Big deal now that the weather is changing and I have Quit my second job I can now get myself back on the Paleo lifestyle and get back to walking and working in my garden this year. Oh how much I am looking forward to my garden. I can’t wait to start building my raised Beds and filling them with soil. Planting the seeds to vegetable success. Continue reading