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Can you Cook over and open fire

Cooking fire

Can You Cook over and open fire

I have heard it so many times “Ill Build and fire and cook dinner” Have you ever cooked over and open fire? I would guess that the consistency and simplicity of heat control of your modern Gas or Electric Stove has provide you with a false sense of confidence. I bet that if you asked 100 people on the street have you ever cooked on an open fire.  95 or better would say no. If you asked the Same 100 people do you think you can cook your dinner on an open fire 100 of them would say yes. To be honest I would bet that most of them would be able to eat something. But there is and art to cooking over an open fire. You can’t just turn the heat up and down with the flip of a knob. True campfire cooks know that you have to maintain and tend the fire, bank the coals know when it is cool enough so you can cook. That is right you just can’t build a roaring fire and stick your pan of hamburgers over the flames. You will have burnt outside and raw insides and ruined food and hungry bellies. Continue reading