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Why Gun Control Cant Work


Why Gun Control Cant Work

“347,000.00” Three Hundred and forty Seven Million. That is the Number of Guns as of 2012 in America.

The Average Gun Owner in America is White, Middle Aged “55” and participates in the Shooting or Hunting Culture.

The average victim of viloant gun crime is Black only 19% likely to keep guns in the home. Whites report 41% keeping guns in the home.

Gun ownership of younger adults with children under 18 living at home as been dropping since 1987.

The population of America is 321,216,397 “stat from census.org” That Means there is a Gun for every Man, Woman, Child in America.

Ok that is just a little Data that I have skimmed from the internet. Sights on both sides of the debate about gun control. If you want to read the sights your self just google “how many guns in America” you will find the same information I have.

First Disclaimer I am a 2nd amendment Supporter and avid Gun owner and hunter. I build Rifles and Muzzleloaders. I Absolutely enjoy anything that goes BANG!

I have tried to Detach myself from the personal attachments and arguments that we form as we try to consciously or subconsciously justify actions, belief’s or ideas. And Just look at the Facts.

So Many people get mired in the feel good saying and sound bites that they loose sight of the Facts. So I posted some Facts “above”

Why Gun Control Can’t Work

In 1945 at the end of WW2 with unimaginable devastation across Germany there were Wolf Packs small groups of armed citizens loyal to the final orders of Adolf Hitler. Blowing up buildings, shooting allied soldiers. As the Soldiers tried to start the rebuilding of the infrastructure to feed the population.

Japan was considering an invasion on the land mass of the United States of America, but they were afraid to, and the reason they were afraid to, because they knew that every American is armed. And although they were not afraid of our armies, they were afraid of our citizens.

The average person in the United States is a Law abiding citizen. And if told that there is a law against something will complie with that law, even if that Law is in direct opposition to Constitutional Liberties. Proof is easily seen in the states and cities across the country that directly outlaw gun ownership. Or make gun ownership so draconian that it becomes impossible for average citizens to own a gun and follow the law. Creating and entire class of citizen that becomes crimanals with the stroke of a pen, or by choice hoping that they will never be caught protecting themselves or there family.

A person I consider a friend “Jack Spirco” has what he calls the 10% rule. it is and easy to understand rule it states that 90% of people are good people. wanting to fallow the law. Then there is the 10% that only fallow the law because they are afraid that they will be picked up by law enforcement. Out of that 10% even a smaller number 1% or 2% don’t care. The 1% are the ones we see on the News they are the ones that break the law and don’t care if they are caught. Putting that in perspective we can use some math.

300 million people in the united states. minus 90% = 270 million law abiding citizens.

Minus 10% = 30 million people only fallow the law because of fear of law enforcement and getting caught.

Minus .01% = 3 million psychopaths that don’t care that will break what ever laws to do what they want.

The one percent is across the board it is in all parts of government, in every industry, in every police department, in the Girl scouts / Boy scouts, On Facebook, in the local Rotary Clubs, in every part of the world. These are the people we see on the News when they commit crime and are caught. They are the people we shake our heads about and say how can this happen. They Don’t care about anything But there desires and how to get them.

The Idea of Gun Control is a Romantic one. In a lot of ways it is a Religious belief that if only the proper Authorities had access to guns people wouldn’t kill each other. If only that were true. Even in Countries where the average Citizen cant own guns. Guns are used to commit murder and violent crimes.

Even in a perfect gun free world the 1% of Psychopaths will find a way to do evil things to further there desires. Bombs, Poison Gas, Contaminated Water Supply’s. Poisoned Drugs and Food, the list goes on and on.

In a lot of ways we are living in a less naïve world than 30 years ago. 30 years ago we didn’t have a lot of the violence in movies and on TV. We had cartoons that had Birds and Coyotes that Blew each other up. Chickens that were hit in the head with Bats. And Short Hunters with speech problems that shot the Beaks off Ducks during Rabbit Season. But the children laughed and enjoyed the stupidity of the situation with out imitating it.

We have in so many ways disconnected out selves from the world around us our lives are antibacterial. antisocial, anti-normal. We take no Responsibility for our Actions, Thoughts, Beliefs. Instead blaming every bad thing on something that has to be at the Root of the Problem. Making Laws against that thing. Megan’s Law, Kristen’s law, Jessica’s Law. The list goes on and on. some of Theas laws addressed issues that prevented law enforcement from using resources at there disposal to help. but others are reactionary and stem from the issue at hand of not wanting to accept responsibility for actions of individuals.

As of October 25th 2015 there are between 3,000,000. and 6,000,000. People in this country that are willing to do terrible things to get what they want. If every law-abiding Citizen of this country walked into the local police station and turned in every gun they owned. The only people who had guns would be the ones that we most don’t want to have them.

I have tried to keep my Pro Gun Believes out of this post. But now I am going to say things that I believe.

If you look at all the Places were it is illegal or almost impossible for Law abiding citizens to own a gun you see lots of people who Follow the law in danger from Criminals with guns.

At the End of WW2 In a Devastated Starving Germany with Thousands of Allied Troops. There were the Wolf Packs with Guns and killing people.

In the United States with Laws that Prevent Civil Rights from being Violated. There are Off the Book Police Stations where people Disappear and cant be located by Family or Lawyers. “Holman Square

What a lot of people who Want Gun Control Or Total Confiscation of Guns Forget Or Never Relies is the Fathers of the United States Government, the Creators of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Never Envisioned a nation where we had to worry about defending our selves from crime and drug dealers, robbers and bandits. Self Defense was a God Given Right

The 2nd Amendment was created so that the Citizens of a Free Republic. would be able to stand and defend liberty and Justus against Anyone trying to take away Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Including Standing against tyranny.

Patrick Henry believed that a citizenry trained in arms was the only sure guarantor of liberty

Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist No. 29 that “little more can be reasonably aimed at, with respect to the people at large, than to have them properly armed

The Fathers of our Country thought it Necessary for the average citizen of the country be armed to ensure the continued Liberty of the People



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