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Raising Chickens #4 “Nest Boxes and Roosts”

Nest Boxes And Roost

Building Nest Boxes and Roosts.

I will start with nest boxes. I have seen people basically just take a crate and put hay in the bottom of it and call it good, and while this can work I find that chickens would much rather go in under something to lay eggs. They like dark cozy places. I like to build the nest boxes with a lip of about 3 to 4 inches on the bottom side to keep in, whatever you use for litter. I make the nest boxes big enough that two hens can get in them at the same time as I find that they do share them more often than not. Continue reading

Raising Chickens #3 “How much room do chickens need?”


How much room do chickens need?

So today I continue with talking about raising chickens and will be addressing the question, “How much room do chickens need?”

Enough room to move is something that is needed for healthy, happy chickens. The more room they have the better. In the summer I find it easier, because I let them out to run free, for at least a few hours, but sometimes this isn’t something you can do, depending on where you live or if you have a lot of critters trying to get an easy meal. So having a house that gives the room to move around and a yard with even more space is important. Continue reading

Raising Chickens #2 “Dietary Needs ”

dietary needs

Dietary Needs

So yesterday I talked about the chicken house, today I will continue with the next thing on the list, dietary needs.

A healthy balanced diet, can be a bit more challenging depending on how much time you have, but it doesn’t have to be. I try to stay away from commercial laying mash or crumbles as I believe it is not best thing for my chickens. My dad was a veterinarian and advised me against using it if it could be avoided, but sometimes I do supplement with it, especially if I am short on time. Keep in mind these posts, this information is just from my experiences and preferences, and should be viewed as such. Continue reading

Raising Chickens #1 “Chicken Houses”

Chicken Houses

Chicken Houses

Over the years I have read a lot of articles about raising chickens and have picked up a lot of helpful tips here and there. I figured maybe it was time for me to throw in my two bits, as my dad would say. Growing up, one of my daily chores was to feed our family’s chickens, a chore that I very much enjoyed most of the time. It is always so much fun to watch them, they are so entertaining and gathering the fresh eggs is very rewarding. Continue reading