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The Creek Road Podcast Episode 032 Easter Sunday

Download Easter Sunday Episode 032 of The Creek Road Podcast

Easter Sunday

Welcome Friends to Episode 032 Easter Sunday of The Creek Road Podcast

This Week We Speak of

This Week in West Virginia, Beautiful spring bird song and the mocking bird living in my back porch eave.

Healthy living: Dealing With Heel Pain

Dealing with Heel Pain. I have heal pain. When it is acting up it keeps me from my walking exercises. It has forced me to leave my 2nd job at Advanced Auto Parts. If you have experienced it you know what I am talking about. When you get up from a resting position it hurts. And getting up during the night or in the morning can be excruciating. This is a condition called “Plantar Fasciitis” In my case once I found a treatment it was easy and immediate relief from the pain.

Gardening Tips: Catching Rain Water

Every year the spring rains come and turn everyone’s yards into muddy messes. Everyone curses the spring rains for the mess they create. I look at them like a shower after a long hard day. Renewed life, the clean smell, the songs of the birds and the twitter of the tree frogs after a spring rain are enough of a comparison to how I feel after a shower to be dismissed. Our grandparents looked at the spring rains as a chance to fill the ponds recharge the wells and top off the cisterns.

The Frugal Secret!

Nanny didn’t waste money but she wasn’t afraid to spend it either. She would spend money on big hams, or that huge turkey. She knew The Frugal Secret!  Nanny was born during the years leading to the great depression. She had seen her fair share of hard times. It showed in how she cooked. She was an old time cook. The classic home maker that can walk into a bare kitchen and perform some kind of grandmother Voodoo that created a dinner from empty refrigerator and bare pantry shelves

SoFrit Chicken Gizzards & Harts in Tomato Pepper sauce

Have I got a treat of a recipe for your crock pot today. Slow cooker Sofrit “Chicken Gizzards & Harts In a Tomato Pepper Sauce”. I went to the Google’s to see what the Italian translation for Chicken Gizzards was and found out that my conglomeration was a recipe. I had never heard of SoFrit. Oh by the way, the Italian translation for chicken gizzards is “Ventriglio Di Pollo”. Olives-N-Okra talk about Sofrit, or chicken gizzards & hearts in hot sauce being and old Italian dish common in Rhode Island. My ingredients are so close that I am calling my dish SoFrit. Instead of Ventriglio Di Pollo or Italian Chicken Gizzards.

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$Who’s John Gault$

Perspective on our Planet

Planet Perspective

Perspective on our Planet

Today I thought I would share some famous thinkers’ perspective about our world. Below you find Quotes by

  • Douglas Adams author: The Hitchhikers’s Guide To the Galaxy
  • George Carlin: Comedian and philosopher
  • Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Continue reading

My Favorite Gun, The British Enfield

British Enfield No4

My Favorite Gun, The British Enfield

I have a story to tell, of a gun that I traded for. It is an old gun built by Savage Arms in 1942. Soon after being built it was proofed, tested and found sound and suitable for WAR.

You see in 1942 the British were under attack from Germany and unable to produce weapons in the quantity needed to supply there military. So the United States Government stepped in and offered support, with food, supplies and weapons. But the civilian population of the United States felt, as a country that we needed to stay out of the war. So the “Lend Lease Act” was created. It was way to help without actually ”joining”  the war. Continue reading

Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis

Situation Analysis

Situation analysis is something you practice. As I go about my day, if something catches my eye or stands out for some reason, I try to imagine a few different ways to use that object outside of the normal. Old spice rack on the wall with a radio built into it, may become a needed piece of equipment, if no other options are available. Empty water bottles in the office trash, might be water storage, or used for flotation. Walking the dog after work and see a downed tree limb, that and the dog leash, could be an impromptu splint for a broken arm or leg. Use the leash and make a harness, lash the tree limbs to the harness and your dog can pull a load. Walking in the park you notice straw bales from the holiday decorations. With enough straw bales you can make a shelter, or insulate one. Use it for fire starting, or bedding to keep you of the cold ground. Continue reading

Happiness and Hope for the New Year Holidays


Happiness and Hope for the New Year Holidays

Well Friends the year is winding to an end. It is December 24th 2014 and it seems like yesterday that I was contemplating the passing of December 24th 2013. One of the greatest surprises in my adult life, is that time passes faster and faster every year. That old adage time marches on, or time waits for no man is so true. As Jack likes to say Tick Tock the clock marches on. Continue reading

Personal Perspective



Personal Perspective

Perspective is a funny thing. It shapes every aspect of our lives. The most interesting thing about personal perspective is that it is a fluid thing. It changes with actions that occur in our lives. One day you love roses. Your walk takes you next to a moss covered bank, maybe you slip, trip and you roll head over heels into the biggest rose hedge ever. Once you get your wits back you’re stuck with so many thorns that you tear your new pants getting out. This experience changes your perspective.”Man if Roses didn’t have thorns they would be so much nicer”. Continue reading

The Creek Road Podcast Episode 017


Welcome Friends its episode 017 of the Creek road Podcast






I know that there are a lot of people out there like me. I find my mind drifting to different things, as the day goes on. My teachers in grade school (“HEY!!! Mrs. Alberchinskie”) used to call me out for daydreaming. I probably spent 20 minutes out of every hour, off in my own world. LOL. Looking back it was an amazing time in life. Young and interested in everything that moved. Continue reading