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Long Term Food Storage Containers: The Bucket

The Bucket

Long Term Food Storage Containers: The Bucket

The five gallon bucket and its little brother the two gallon bucket. They hold hands on bulk storage of foods. Some people will use the five gallon bucket to store large quantities of grains and beans. I like to use them to store meals. Unless you are trying to feed a small army. I can’t imagine ever needing to store beans and rice in bulk quantities like that. Some things can be grown and a pound bag of pinto beans will plant a lot of beans! The plants that grow from that many beans, will make more beans than you can store. So I use my five gallon buckets to provide a second layer of protection to things like meals in Mylar bags. This also lets you grab a bucket and run out with a large amount of prepared meals instead of fifty pounds of rice.

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Long Term Food Storage Containers: Part One

Five Gallon Storage

Long Term Food Storage Containers: Part One

Everyone has an Idea as to what is the best storage container for long term food storage, and a lot of the time, that idea is based in personal preference. Other times it is purely, what’s the best tool for the job. I have a preference for the  Mylar Bags . They come in huge sizes to small sandwich bags you can even get a size to line a five gallon bucket so you can stack protection functions. I like to prepare my long term storage meals in small portions seal them and then store large quantities of these in bigger storage containers, that way I can open the bucket, can, or jar and pull out what I need without effecting the shelf life of the other food stored. Mylar Bags are an amazing way to store long term dry foods like beans, rice, and freeze dried foods. Take any  Mason Jar Meal Recipe and just put it in a Mylar bag and you have a meal that is tough and packable. Continue reading

Where and How to Store Your Food Storage.

Under Cabnet Storage

Where and How to Store Your Long Term Food Storage

Food storage is a big topic. Lots of people talk about what to store, how much to store, how long things store for. What about, where in the heck are we going to put it? I have yet to meet a home maker that has enough kitchen cabinets. Even the normal house with the nicest kitchen, always seems to run out of space. You have to have a place for all your “every day” food, then there is the mixers, the bread maker, popcorn popper, coffee maker, and on and on. Just storing your cooking utensils, plates, dishes, cups, and glasses, takes up so much room and we haven’t even started on the pots and pans yet. Continue reading

The CreekRoad Podcast Episode 019


Welcome Friends its epasoade 019 of The CreekRoad Podcast

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Vegan Recipe For Long Term Food Storage


Pumpkin Seed-Crusted Lentil Patties with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Salad

 Vegan Recipe For Long Term Food Storage, Another Over looked Prep

       I had an epiphany today. I was browsing face book and saw a recipe for Pinto Bean Quinoa Sloppy Joe’s. It is a Vegan recipe on a vegan sight. I am not a vegan, but I love to see different ways to use foods to make different recipes. So I went and started reading. pinto beans, quinoa,  some olive oil, onion, green pepper, crushed tomatoes, chili powder, paprika, now that sounds good! I mean I would eat that, and it’s made with beans and quinoa other veggies and some spice. So I clipped the recipe and stored it. I noticed at the bottom of the page links to other meatless burgers and looked at a few of them.         Continue reading

The Creek Road Podcast Episode 018

Welcome Friends to Episode 018 of The Creek Road Podcast this week we talk about. Christmas in West Virginia Holliday wishes. Over Looked Preps: Pots and Pans what are we going to cook with.

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Lots of information this week on Episode 018 Of The Creek Road Podcast


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How to Create a Deep Pantry, Full of Food You Eat and Enjoy.


Food is often an over looked idea when it comes to personal responsibility. I think almost everyone is guilty of thinking; I will just put some cans of green beans and the like into the deep recesses of the pantry shelving for a rainy day. I wonder just how many people know what is actually in their pantry or food storage. Continue reading

The Creek Road Podcast 010 My Right Fist

This week on Episode 10 of the creek road podcast

this week in WV

Ruing out of Upload Space on my Podcast Provider amazon S3 bucket

another Recipe from the Food storage Bucket we are building

Recipe Cream Chicken on Potatoes

  1. Package of Idahoan instant potatoes
  2. 14.5 oz can of Keystone chicken
  3. 1 tbs of corn starch

follow package directions to make potatoes. heat the chicken with a little water once heated thru  mix 1 tbs cornstarch to some water to make slurry and add to heating chicken bring to boil for more than a minute to thicken and serve over potatoes

Doing the Right Thing even if it hurts / “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.”
– attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.



The Creek Road Podcast 009 Who told Who

Welcome back Folks to The Creek Road Podcast 009 (Who Told Who)

We talk about

This week in WV

Last Weeks Bean Stew Recipe

Last Weeks Beef over Potatos

KFC chicken Liver Spread

continued Testing of the Foods in the Food storage bucket

White House Pressures States to Reverse Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Orders

Today because of the Upload Limit placed on my podcast by blubrry.com that is totally ok because it is part of the rules. I have started to migrate my data storage over to amazon s3 server buckets as soon as I can I will be putting the RSS feed back up and getting ITunes linking fixed.


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The Creek Road Podcast Epasode 008 Walmart Buckets one Dollar

Welcome Friends to The Creek Road Podcast Episode 008. WalMart Buckets One dollar.

This week we talk about

Asking the Bakery Person at Walmart about the Frosting buckets.

A Review of last weeks spice Recipe for Chicken

spice Recipe is easy

  • 3 ounces oyster sauce
  • 3 ounces of soy sauce
  • 1 ounce of Fish sauce
  • hot sauce to taste
  • dry onions and garlic powder

one to one mix of oyster sauce and soy sauce add a small amount of fish sauce and hot sauce.  pour over chicken and rub in let set for 30 minutes as oven heats to 350 degrees then after your chicken is baked. remove chicken add cooked rice to sauce made by the baking of the chicken. add some vegetables stir and let bake until hot thru. Very delicious dinner

 We Discuss a Bean stew recipe I found for food storage on a Wonderfull webpage Seasoned Citizen Prepper.

My small change to the recipe is to cut it in Half so that a smaller pot can be used

Measure out
·        4 oz of rice
·        1 oz of red kidney beans
·        1 oz of pearl barley
·        1 oz of lintels
·        1 oz of split green peas
·        1 oz of chick peas/garbanzo’s

Add 3-4 quarts of water.  Add bouillon or salt to taste.  Then add any other meats, vegetables, potatoes or seasonings you have on hand. Bring to a boil and then let simmer for two hours.  You should have enough to feed 4 people for one Meal.  This is thick and hearty.  You will be warm on the inside and full with one large bowl.  Kids usually eat half a bowl.

And what Belize knows that the United States Doesn’t