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Making Mead And Hard Ciders Episode 042

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Making Mead and hard ciders

Welcome Creek Road Nation to Episode 42 Making Mead And Ciders of The Creek Road Podcast.

On this weeks Episode We talk about

Making Mead And Hard Ciders, Cold Showers Replacing The Water Heater, The Parting out of Whole Food into Several Products.

Cold Showers and Replacing the water heater

On Demand Hot water is one of the Luxuries we take for granted. In many countries cold showers are a way of life. Heck showers are a luxury and some times water to bath in is a luxury. Many times we loose sight of the fact that we have it pretty good so good we forget that warm water to bath in is not a necessity. But a Luxury. Several things in our every day lives are so common that unless you loose access to them we forget that they just make life more comfortable.

The Parting our of Whole Food into Several Products.

One of the Luxuries we have at our finger tips is Cheep Food. One of the more Disturbing trends I am seeing is the Parting our of foods. Foods that are being Broken down into in some cases there individual chemical components and reconstructed to create cheep food at the cost of allergen sensitivity to them after processing that we don’t see in the whole Food. And Turning former waste products into Foods that are consumed on massive scale.

Making Mead And Hard Ciders.

And We talk about my adventure of making Hard Apple Cider. And Mead In Small Batches. Making Hard Ciders and Meads is and ancient way of life that is very Easy and produces a custom lightly alcoholic drink that is totally your creation. Using Apple Juice from the store. Utilizing the Gallon Jugs the juice Came in makes for an easy and efficient way to produce several different types of hard ciders.

Simple Hard Apple Cider

  1. Gallon of your Choice of Apple Juice { Make Sure there is no preservatives except for ascorbic acid is ok }
  2. Yeast  { a Yeast meant to Make Alcohol is best I used Red Star Montrachet Wine yeast }
  3. Balloon as your air lock.
  4. Pitch your yeast according to package directions. put balloon on in place of cap. wait for Ferment to finish. { About 20 Days } gently poor off your Hard Cider leaving the settled out Yeast in Bottom of Jug Into secondary jug or bottles. at this point you can let it mellow our in the new jug or bottle. it is much better if you let it age in the second jug before you bottle it and drink.

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Todays Modern Food It’s Not what you think

Todays Modern Food It’s Not what you think

I found this Video as I was watching The Handbook of Human Ownership – A Manual for New Tax Farmers. It is and interesting Take on what is up in todays Company Controlled Foods Continue reading

The Creek Road Podcast Episode 025

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The Creek Road Podcast

Welcome friends to episode 025 of The Creek Road Podcast Exploring A Simplified Life, The New Old Fashioned Way

This week in West Virginia

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Real Food

real food

Real Food

So what do you eat on the paleo diet? This has to be the third most common question I am asked. The most frequent question. Have you lost weight? The next one is how did you lose that much weight? You are going to get asked questions about this paleo diet what it is. Isn’t that the caveman diet? Some will say. To be honest I don’t know if you would call my diet true paleo. It started off paleo and moved to a simple wholesome diet like our grandparents ate. If you stop and ask your grandparents what dinner used to be when they were younger. Or your parents. Continue reading

How to Create a Deep Pantry, Full of Food You Eat and Enjoy.


Food is often an over looked idea when it comes to personal responsibility. I think almost everyone is guilty of thinking; I will just put some cans of green beans and the like into the deep recesses of the pantry shelving for a rainy day. I wonder just how many people know what is actually in their pantry or food storage. Continue reading

The Creek Road Podcast 011

This Week is Episode 011  Of the Creek Road Podcast.

This Week in Wv

Thoreau Quote

Fear and loathing in America



The Creek Road Podcast 010 My Right Fist

This week on Episode 10 of the creek road podcast

this week in WV

Ruing out of Upload Space on my Podcast Provider amazon S3 bucket

another Recipe from the Food storage Bucket we are building

Recipe Cream Chicken on Potatoes

  1. Package of Idahoan instant potatoes
  2. 14.5 oz can of Keystone chicken
  3. 1 tbs of corn starch

follow package directions to make potatoes. heat the chicken with a little water once heated thru  mix 1 tbs cornstarch to some water to make slurry and add to heating chicken bring to boil for more than a minute to thicken and serve over potatoes

Doing the Right Thing even if it hurts / “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.”
– attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.



The Creek Road Podcast 007

This Week On the Creek Road Podcast 007 we Talk about Ebola My New Chick3en Recipe Copy Canning and Battery Banks thank  you for joining The Creek Road Podcast 007


The Creek Road Podcast 004 – Talking to the Bubs

Today on The Creek Road Podcast 004.

We talk about Herbs and fermented foods why our grandparents ate wild foods and 8 companies that control the worlds food supply.