Paring Knife Or Light Camp Knife


Paring Knife Or Light Camp Knife

Saturday I was at Walmart that would have been 2-25-2015 for all you future readers. I had went to find a smaller crock pot. I have found that the 5 qt slow cooker I have is just too big for one person. I’m still trying to get used to cooking for less than me and my 3 boys. One of my boys Jason he eats like a bird but my other two boys Robbie and Gerald Both Eat like me Mass Quantity’s as Beldar the Cone Head would say.

Anyway back to my story I was at Walmart looking for a smaller slow cooker and not finding anything I walked around to the kitchen utensils isle this is the isle with knifes and the like. At the beginning of the isle I found a cup on the self with several Farberware 3.5 Inch Paring Knifes. All different collars Green. Red, Pink, Purple with a price of $3.97. I guess the collars of the Rubber handle caught my eye. But I didn’t see a 3.5 Inch Paring Knife I saw a 3.5 Inch Drop Point Knife with Rubber Handle and sheath priced at $3.97. Man what a deal. Ok the colors Sucked but the least offensive to me was the Teal Green.

FW3 300

FW4 300

I Get the Knife home talk about barebones but what can you expect for $3.97. What I got was an Ok knife with sheath. Taking it out of the package I discovered that it was nowhere close to sharp the good old paper test. The blade wouldn’t even catch the paper just kind of fingered at it. So I got out my Smith’s 6-Inch Natural Arkansas Bench Stone to sharpen the edged. But just before I started I realized that I had brought this as a cheap knife. Someone who reads this won’t have a Nice Sharpening stone. So I head to the dish drainer and get a coffee mug. Yep a ceramic coffee mug or plate look on the bottom and you will find a rough ring at the foot of the cup plate or whatever you got. That is unglazed ceramic and it makes a very serviceable sharpening surface. Just match the bevel of the edge of your knife as close as you can or guess at .22 to .25 degrees with a little water on the blade pull it across the unglazed surface of the dish. Do it an even number of times for each side checking your progress as you go. A little work with the coffee Cup and it cleaned that edge right up. It was a rough shaving sharp, it would shave the hair on my arm but it was not smooth about it. Back to the good old paper test and Bobs your uncle its shaving paper like a champ. Ok now I have a serviceable 3.5 inch drop point knife with sheath I can toss in my EDC bag or in my Bug out Bag and it will serve as a multi use lite duty knife. Small chores like cutting cord, whittling fire starting sticks. skinning game or dressing out big game a small light knife that is quick to sharpen and easy to find is a good thing and with the price you can buy several and put them in all your supplies. You’re not going to baton wood into kindling with this knife the tang is just too short and with a few wacks it will break off in the handle. But I have been in the field to many times with a big knife trying to do a job that this little 3.5 inch drop point knife would excel at. In the garden it will be amazing to have at my side.

As you shop try to see the new uses for the items you are seeing. I was going to put and amazon affiliate link to this little knife But it is way cheaper to go buy it at Wal-Mart. Amazon is listing the same knife for $5.99 Plus Shipping go to Wal-Mart and safe the money its not worth the price plus shipping.

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