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Loyalty Disaster

Loyalty Disaster

Episode 41 Loyalty Disaster


Ohio’s Chemical Valley A debate over good Jobs and Bad Health

Is the Concept that if you work for a company and get sick from you work the company will take care of you Valid? Or is it Misinformation Fed to employees to foster loyalty to the company.

Growing up in Rural West Virginia. I have seen my share of Loyalty Disasters.  Miners that sell their Body and Sole to the Mine to have their body destroyed and end up living in a tar paper shack with their oxygen mask going 24 hrs. A day Extoling the virtue of the good jobs the mine gives to good employees. The economic boost that comes to the local economy because of it. As the mines closed and the chemical plants moved to foreign lands. The social and economic aftermath that destroys communities is always blamed on greedy company owners. As it should. But one thing I have seen so often is the willingness for Appalachian workers to sell their health to the company store. And carry the company line to and early grave.

Treated like parts of a machine Appalachian workers are tossed aside like scrap. To watch as the company that they extoled the virtues of close declare bankruptcy and steal the money from the very programs they claimed would take care of the Appalachian worker whose body they used and destroyed. Often the programs are paid for with the workers money.

Living in a Food Desert

Growing up In West Virginia We had access to all kinds of local foods. Fresh Corn, Fresh Green Beans. Local Meats from Local Farms. It wasn’t uncommon to Know the Farmer that sold the Live Beef to the slaughterhouse, that sold the processed Beef to Johnsons Supermarket, where Oscar the Butcher Cut it up and packaged it, for my mom who shopped at Johnsons Supermarket accost the street from My child hood home.

But today I live in the same city. Access to Fresh Local fresh foods is diminishing to the point that obtaining fresh local food is once again becoming a Hunter / Gather culture.

Making Hard Apple Cider and Mead

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