A Life Well Lived

My Dad:  A Life Well Lived.

I have been dealing with a lot of things lately. We all do, that’s what makes us Human.

We each live a life that we Choose, We Choose the Outcome of the Personal and Social Interactions we share every day with Folks.

Dad Died A few Weeks ago. He Died On May4th at 2 Pm. Star-Wars Day I would like to Believe that the Force Came for him. Dad Was a Great Great Man and I hope that Some day I grow up to Be 1/10th the Man that He Was.

How do you Judge a Mans Life, By the Size of his Estate,? By the Size of his Bank Account ?.  No you judge the Impact of a Life well Lived by the Number of Friends, Relatives, Lodge Members, Work Associates and so on that Take the time to come to the Funeral Home and show and speak about your Father. I stood for 4 hrs shaking hands and listening to everyones stories of there time with my Dad. How he always had a Smile. Or a Helping Hand Or a Word of Encouragement. A Joke.

In my Experience Dad was a soft-spoken Man. He would often let others take advantage of a situation. And if i would ask why. Dad would look at me and say ” Son they Must Have Needed that More than I did”  Smile and that would be the end of it.

I learned that there was no shame in taking something used, abused or misused and rebuilding it. Making it your own.  Because in doing that you Owned Understood and can now repair that part for the rest of your life.

He Taught Me how to Care For the Family. Dad was a man of unlimited wisdom and listened to me preach the Evils of the world. And after i spun myself down from the High tower. He would hug me and look at me and say ” Son Don’t Let the Bastards Get you Down.”

So many Life Lessons Given with to me from a True Man. A Man that Never Had a Dad of his Own. Wisdom that had to be learned from Hard Nocks and by the Example of his Grandfather.

My Dad was Absolutely My Super Hero. I Truly mean that with all my hart.  Of all the Bad Days in my Life. Of which there have been very few. The Worst was The Day i looked at my Dad and Realized He was Human.

I love you Dad.

I will Carry your Legacy with Honor and try to be the Man you Showed me.


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Jerry is a podcaster and blogger. Bringing to the attention of his listeners the loss of their personal liberties, and calling to attention the personal responsibility’s they are turning over to bureaucratic agencies whose only agenda is continued growth and expansion.
Jerry has built a reputation as a person who can identify an issue find a solution, and fix the problem. As a working man his whole life. The many jobs have allowed him to build a skill set that range from pizza to running large printing presses. Going back to school he retrained himself in the computer support field. this has led him to the current job he holds. Supporting the local school systems computer networks. A few days a week he works helping people with repair advice and parts to fix their cars.
Jerry tries to bring a new outlook to the normal gloom and doom of prepping and modern survival. By reminding people that the fastest way to recover their personal liberties is to take back the personal responsibilities they walked away from.