Lets Talk about Saving seeds

Lets Talk about Saving seeds


There are so many reasons why you and I want to save seeds. From the mundane to the profound. Saving seeds gives you the opportunity to create you own strain or variety of Mum. it lets you share in the Bounty of the surplus our garden gives us in so many new ways. That ripe Juicy tomato that you picked from the tomato plant that sprouted in your compost bed. To the Watermelon that Grew out from under the deck probably planted buy the Games played last 4th of July during the Cook out. And grandma’s mums she so lovingly doted and plants every year.

Saving seeds is easy. Most of the time all you have to do is go out and pick the mature seeds from the mums when the flowers wilt dry and droop. taking you time and selecting several dry flowers will provide large amounts of seeds. Seeds you can take home and store until it is time to plant again next season.

Some times saving seeds is not as simple. Tomato seeds can just be saved from the juicy tomato you sliced for your BLT. But doing it properly can increase your success rate. instead of me telling you how to do it and making this a very long post I will just link to a wonderful outline on Permaculture News Saving Tomato Seeds. Go check them out to get the Skinny on how to save Tomato Seeds.

Other times you will find opportunity’s as you take your daily walk. At the End of Mt Vernon Ave in my Home town is a wonderful display of Flowers. Installed and taken care of by a local garden club. This year they had the most Beautiful Zinnia’s Sky Blue and Large Flowers. I noticed Sunday that the flower heads had dried and were ready to drop seeds so I stopped and picked a nice large Seed head. I plan to add them to my flowers next year and I may go back for more. Zinnia and Mums are both very easy Seeds to harvest.

Zinna Blue

Don’t forget to save a few of your Best Performing Vegetable’s to save seeds from. they will be the ones that will be the Best for your garden aria next year and soon you will have your own variety of Tomato, Potato, Cucumber, Mum, and on and on that give you the best produce and flowers for your Garden.

And the best Part they will be yours you will be able to save money and pass them on to your Family.

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