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Healthy living Dealing With Heel Pain

Dealing with Heel Pain. I have Heal Pain. When it is acting up it keeps me from my walking exercises. It has forced me to leave my 2nd job at Advanced Auto Parts. If you have experienced it you know what I am talking about. When you get up from a resting position it hurts. And getting up during the night or in the morning can be excruciating. This is a condition called “Plantar Fasciitis” In my case once I found a treatment it was easy and immediate relief from the pain.

I had tried everything I was able to think of to cure my Heel Pain. My Pain was caused by standing for long hours on Hard Concrete. At the Advanced Auto Parts Store Where I worked. The concrete inside the store is so hard that stepping from the tiled concrete floor to a patch filling a void left by a floor safe. Was like stepping from sidewalk to your lawn. Now this statement has some exaggeration to make the difference understandable but not much. Stepping from one section of concrete to another shouldn’t be noticeable to a person.

I had tried Insoles, Double layers of insoles, New shoes, I started to research about foot pain and shoes and found several people who had luck fixing heel pain with New Balance 628 shoes. I had been spending very little on shoes for a very long time. And buying $70 to $100 pair of shoes was a hard thing for me to do. I had been buying the cheap Wal-Mart Men’s Silver Series Sneakers when I started buying them they were $9.99 and would last about 3 months. Now they are $13.97 and last about 1 month. This is one of The Frugal Secrets! I was speaking about the other day. I was spending as much some times more buying the Cheap Shoes every other month than I would have spent buying a more expensive pair of shoes once. I was spending $89.70 a year on cheap shoes. I went to “Shoe Show” a local shoe store and found New Balance 608 for $69.95. You can buy them from Amazon for $49.88. But I hadn’t any idea the size I needed. So I paid the extra to try-on and ask questions of the sales lady.  The next set will be from Amazon. I feel that going to a local store and using their time and services to decide what I want to buy. Then leaving to buy it from a cheaper on line source as very rude. If the price is within a few dollars of the online price. I won’t buy it on line. I am not supporting the local economy. But if it is a large difference like this price difference $20.07. I will ask the local store to price match if they can. Most of the time they will try and you get to support the local store. If not just buy the next pare online.

The New Shoes New Balance 608 helped me in so many ways it was amazing. But after a Few months of use I was back to the heel pain. In steps my cousin we were talking one afternoon about a week ago. I was telling him about having to quit at Advanced Auto Parts and why. He told me of the doctor’s appointment that Penny his wife had went to. She had been experiencing Heel Pain like me. The Doctor told her to get a pair of insoles and Cut a Hole in the Heel. Like a Giant Corn Pad and put that in the shoe with the Heel Pain. It worked she is on her feet all day like me and the Heel Pain is gone. So I tried it. The one difference was that I had so many old pairs of the Cheap Wal-Mart Shoes Laying around I just took the Insole out of one and Cut the Hole in it. What a difference it made it has taken about a week but last night I got up without pain. And this morning I was able to get out of bed without pain. It has made such a difference that I want to show you how to do it.

Now I’m not a Doctor so what I am saying is just what has worked for me. I did some research and found a wonderful webpage that explains this problem. And how to treat it at home. Heel Spurs is the webpage they explain the symptoms and treatments. Do your Research!

Ok how I made the Insoles is so easy. Get a package of insoles I chose Dr.scholl’s Double Air-pillo Insoles with Memory Foam Open the package but don’t! separate the insoles you will use them together as one insole.

Heel pain

Now Mark out a Section in the Center of the Heel on the Insoles. You might have to move it to the right or left depending on where your pain is.

Heel Pain

Next take a Very Sharp pair of scissors or a razor blade and cut the section out of the insoles. Now my shoe size is 11.5 and 4e it is long and wide. I don’t need to trim the insoles for shoe width. Just a little on the length. But you might and if you do trim them to size before you cut out the center of the Heel.

Heel Pain

Put in your Shoe. I remove the insole that comes with the shoe and put the modified insoles under it. The feeling of relief was immediate and within a few days the pain was going away. And within a week getting up from setting in my easy chair or getting up from a night’s sleep there was no more Heel Pain.

I hope this helps you find relief from Heel Pain as it has me. Go over to Heel Spurs and read and research there information. One think I am going to try is the Frozen Can of Beans treatment. According to Heel Spurs Application of Ice speeds the healing of this type of injury by up to 50%.

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