Healthy Lifestyle Vitamin


Healthy Lifestyle Vitamin

Vitamins are a needed item in today’s world. With the ever lowering vitamin and mineral content in the vegetables you buy in the store. To the inability for the plants to liberate the vitamins and minerals from the soil. Nutrient deficiencies are becoming more and more common every day. And without a little detective work or a trip to the doctor you will not know that you are vitamin deficient.

Most people believe that the soil is or has lost its natural mineral and vitamin content but that isn’t true. The soil we grow our foods in have become deficient in the benefactors that liberate the minerals from the soil. The over use of monoculture has created wastelands where only tomatoes grow with the constant and overwhelming use of herbicides and fertilizer to control the growth of the plant in question. We spend all out time washing out or poising the things we don’t want to affect the production of every acre of crop we never stop to think about the nutritional quality of the crop itself. Couple that with early picking so that the crop is ripe as it is placed on the market shelf. Hybridization for traits like thick skin, resistance to bruising and fast growth is it any wonder why everyone loves fresh tomatoes from there garden. Just taste alone tells you how much better that Ripe Red Juicy Globe of fruit is for you than its equal from the supermarket.

Eating Healthy can only take you so far. We unfortunately are constrained by the foods we can obtain. If the foods have to come from the local mega mart and not from your local farmers market or better yet the home garden you’re saddled with what you can get. Toss in the things we do to ourselves to much soda. Too much Beer, not enough water. Coffee all day Stop at the corner fast food place for dinner. Is it any wonder we feel bad rundown, Blazay. We’ll have no fear Noble Traveler!

First I want to say If you haven’t seen your family Doctor in a while go see them. Mention to your Doctor that you would like to have a blood test run to see if you are deficient in Vitamins. Most people are and don’t know it and more importantly that test will tell you what ones you need to take to help.

I was at my Yearly Doctors appointment and she asked me If I had been taking a multivitamin. I told her no but I was taking 5000 milligrams of Vitamin D. She looked at me like I smacked her, you can’t take Vitamin D like that it will build up and make you sick. I explained to her how much better I felt when I took it. Protesting she said ok let’s get your blood work done and see how high your Vitamin D level is. Off to the Vampires I go and later that evening I get a call from my Doctor the strange part was it was like 8:30 pm Doctors don’t call patients at that time you’re lucky to get and appointment past 2pm. She said I called two prescriptions into the pharmacy go now and get them or go to the Emergency Room your choice your Vitamin D is Very Low I sent In a prescription for 50,000. IU and your potassium is critically low if you get the prescriptions I want you to take double the prescribed dosage of potassium for the next two days. And stop by the office in the morning I will have new laboratory prescriptions I want blood work again in one week. To say that I was a little scared at that moment is slightly understating the situation but at the same time I was a little smug I was right in my belief that felt better Taking The Vitamin D.

Interestingly enough the prescription strength Vitamin D and potassium made me feel even better. I had the energy that I remembered. So I started to work out the needs of my body with my doctor. Now I take several vitamins.  I take Vitamin D, B12, Magnesium, Potassium,  I feel like I was 20 years younger.

So if you find yourself Feeling Blazay, Lazy without Pepp in you Step See your doctor and figure out if you can use a Dose of Vitamins It helped Me.

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