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The Frugal Secret

The Frugal Secret!

Nanny didn’t waste money but she wasn’t afraid to Spend it Either. she would Spend money on Big hams. Or that Huge Turkey. She knew The Frugal Secret!  Nanny was born during the years leading to the great depression. She had seen her fair share of hard times. It showed in how she cooked. She was an old time cook. The classic home maker that can walk into a bare kitchen and perform some kind of grandmother Voodoo that created a dinner from empty refrigerator and bare pantry shelves. I can’t count the number of times I came home to what I thought was an empty refrigerator complaining that there was nothing to eat!  Only to set down to a dinner table flush with Beans and Cornbread or Buttered Potatoes, Green Beans and Ham slices. This is a Skill that is Quickly disappearing in todays McMicrowave world. Join me as I tell you of The Frugal Secret!

The First Part Of: The Frugal Secret!

Never be afraid to spend money on food that you can make into more than one meal. That comment comes with a caveat you don’t want to waste the money on extravagant foods. Example you have two hams both are Bone in about 14 pounds. You can figure to lose about one third to one halve of the weight of a “bone in meat product” to the bone.  One of the Hams is a Good Quality ham from a good supplier. The other is just as good a quality ham but for some reason it is more expensive. There can be a hundred reasons why it is more expensive but the reason in this example is only a selling point. it is not necessarily a good reason to charge more. She would buy the less expensive one. But! This is where the frugal part comes into play. If the Cheaper one was cheaper for a reason that makes it less of a quality product than the more expensive Ham. Example would be Water Added. She would buy the more expensive one. When you add water to the product you add weight and meat is sold by the pound. So adding water isn’t adding value it is removing it.

The Second part Of: The Frugal Secret!

Make more than one meal from the Food you brought. We will continue with the ham. A 14 Pound ham will make a Nice Holiday Dinner with Plenty of Leftovers. Most People buy Spiral Cut Hams today. When Nanny was Alive Spiral Cut Hams were not around until just before she passed away. But Out of a ham she would get the Holliday Dinner. Ham Sandwiches for lunch or snacks later. Small pieces would be made into Ham & Egg biscuits, Or Ham and Eggs. The Ham Bone would be used for Beans. That 14 pound ham would feed the Family for several dinners and lunches and breakfasts. Even the Crumbs of the Ham would be cooked into Green Beans.

The Third Part Of: The Frugal Secret!

Sometimes it’s ok to splurge. Sometimes it will be needed to spend extra money for Foods you want. Oysters for the Holliday Stuffing. Saffron for seasoning the Saffron Rice for some ones Birthday. The Trick to Frugality In this case is to make the money you spend go as far as possible. Maybe you don’t need the whole container of Oysters for your Stuffing. Split the cost with someone else. Or you have the chance to Buy Saffron at a lesser price if you buy more at one time. Split the Cost with someone else.

The Forth Part Of: The Frugal Secret!

Buy Quality Items. Buying the Best Quality Item you can afford will be cheaper in the long run. Even if you have to save your money up for it. You will get longer life. Better Service. And higher performance from whatever it is you Buy. But this isn’t to say that you can’t get the best item for the cheaper price. So that leaves us to the last Secret

The Fifth Part Of: The Frugal Secret!

This is my addition to The Frugal Secret! I am absolutely sure Nanny would approve if she were with us today. Do your Research. The internet is the total Knowledge of the world at your Fingertips. I guarantee that if you do a Google search about any Food or appliance in your home right now. Someone has reviewed it. And others have commented on it with their experiences. Reviews should be considered in every buying decision now. Why do you think the Consumer Reports website and Magazine became so popular?

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