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Frugal Living Gardening

Tring to be frugal today I started working with the tomatoes seed starts I had planted. The Burpee Hybrids I planted are doing amazing they are up and out with only a few slow starts. The Organic seeds from Home Farmer aren’t doing so well out of 37 Starts I have 2 Brandy Wine and 1 Cherokee Purple. To say that I am not impressed is an understatement. The Brandy Wine seeds didn’t germinate I have dissected 3 of the peat moss growing media all with the same results. The coating the seeds had on them didn’t dissolve it just became gooey and the seeds never germinated. I am hoping that this is not the case with other organic seeds. I am going to go back to my local Walmart and try Burpee Organic Tomato’s Seeds and see if I have the same issue. Problem is, now I am almost 2 weeks behind with organic tomatoes. So I have a plan.

Qu Frugal Music, following the package directions the Burpee seeds were planted 2 or 3 to a Peat Moss container. I have several extra tomato starts in each peat moss container you are to remove the weaker starts so that the bigger healthier starts have more room and are not fighting for the water and nurturance in the container. Instead of tossing them into the trash. Carefully I removed them from there peat moss container and moved them to the other containers where no tomatoes grew. Finding in the process that most of them had tomatoes growing in them that had gotten off to a slower start and not broken the surface as of yet. Now I don’t know if the plants were too young or if they will survive the transplant. If they do I will have saved plants I can sell later. And hopefully this will give me time to recover from the setback of the bad seed.

Once I know that the peat moss containers are vacant I will replant them with fresh seed. The only issue I have at the moment is that I had to throw 2 of them away and will have to probably throw away the other 3 totaling 5 that I planted in old peat moss pellets. I had 5 seeds left over from the brandy wine organics. I got out some leftover peat moss pellets, a few Styrofoam cups and planted them. Two have developed white mold and I figure that the other 3 will as well. Good news is that it seems to have not spread to the other planters. It seems that the old peat moss or Styrofoam cups had been exposed. I should have used new peat moss pellets I was being Cheap not frugal and if it had had good seed in it I would have lost good plants.

Frugal isn’t being cheap. Frugal is getting the most for your money. You can be Cheap, or you can be Frugal, you can’t be both Cheap and frugal.

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