Friday The 13th and Black Cats

Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th and Black Cats

As many of you know Today is Friday the 13th personally it is a good day for me. several years ago I decided that I would no longer let the superstition of a date direct my conclusions about a day passed, present or future.

The day that I came to this conclusion was a normal work day. I had been busy delivering pizza. I worked for a local Domino’s pizza. Friday nights were always busy in the Gallipolis Ohio Store. This was back when Domino’s had the 30 minute or 3 dollars off your order guarantee. And if you were late and had to pay out the 3 dollars it came out of your pocket.

Whenever you delivered to an apartment complex you were bound to be back. The sight of the pizza delivery car would bring more orders for pizza and I had been back to the same apartment complex 2 times already each time a black cat ran across the road in front of the car on the way in and out. It was like it was playing chicken with the car. Coming back to the store for the next load of pizza’s I asked my Buddy who had a delivery to the same apartment complex earlier if the cat had done that to him. He said that it had and commented that it was Friday The 13th and you know that a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck. And it could only be multiplied to horrific levels if both occurred on the same day.  Seeing the look on my face he laughed and we both left on delivery.

I had to go back to the apartment complex again this is the third time. As all the other times on the way into the apartment complex the cat ran across the road just in front of my car. I stop short so I don’t hit the cat and into the floor goes my pop. Thinking to myself see Bad luck has started already. I deliver the pizza to the customer come back out grab some napkins and clean up the spilt pop cursing my bad luck.

On the way back down I’m thinking to myself what next that makes 5 times that DUMB black cat has crossed my path and on Friday The 13th. I came down the road from the apartment complex watching for the cat. Where is that dumb cat it has ran across the road in the same spot 5 times now? Watching the side of the road intently where the cat should run across. I Heard a Thud and Felt the car hit something. Stopping the car I got out and in the road was the lifeless body. Dumb cat now I have to go try to find the owner. And explain that I had hit their cat after it had ran across the road in front of me 6 times. Walking back to the lifeless body and reaching down I saw it. Heavy fishing line tied to a mangled roller skate with a stuffed toy black cat slicked open and stuck over the roller skate.  Following the fishing line over to the side of the road next to the bush where the cat had ran out of it was apparent that someone had been there. Back across the road to the other side next to the bushes on that side same thing. Someone had played a prank on me and I don’t know how many other people who day.

Realizing that I had been the dupe of a practical joke I took a deep breath and realized that  I had been worried over nothing a superstition that was based in nothing. And I chose that day to never let Friday the 13th hold any power in my life.

There are many reason published why Friday the 13th is unlucky. The most consistent one is that it is considered unlucky because of the last supper with Jesus. The belief is that because it was Jesus and the 12 apostles at the last supper on a Friday. Linking the number 13 to Friday and bad luck because of Jesus’s arrest later in the night. I don’t know about all that but I do know that superstition only holds the Power you let it have. I hope you have had and amazing day today. I know that I have.

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