Do you Fear Guns

Fear Guns

Fear Guns

If you answered yes, I wonder why. Is it a fear based in fact and reality. Or is it a fear based in misunderstanding and lies.

See I believe that the people that run the country have a vested interest in making you fear guns. Because what you fear you avoid, and when you fear something it is easy to take it away from you, because you don’t really want it. This is another way how the controlling powers of the world are taking or, are going to take your liberties away.

First you will fear the gun, because of the news telling you how bad things are getting because of people who own guns, and once the majority of people fear guns, they will take them away. Then comes freedom of speech. They will make you fear speaking your free mind and you will start to see laws protecting people from words spoken and written. Next you will see the freedom to assemble taken because only people who want to say things that are hateful, and mean, want to assemble. After that comes the right to privacy. If you are a law abiding citizen what do you need privacy for? You should have nothing to hide. You see it is a slippery slope one step in the wrong direction soon you will be slip sliding away.

So I ask you again do you fear Guns.

If so take a basic Firearms Training class. Become informed. Face your fear and handle and shoot a gun. I bet you lose you fear of guns and start to fear the people wanting you to fear the gun.


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Jerry is a podcaster and blogger. Bringing to the attention of his listeners the loss of their personal liberties, and calling to attention the personal responsibility’s they are turning over to bureaucratic agencies whose only agenda is continued growth and expansion.
Jerry has built a reputation as a person who can identify an issue find a solution, and fix the problem. As a working man his whole life. The many jobs have allowed him to build a skill set that range from pizza to running large printing presses. Going back to school he retrained himself in the computer support field. this has led him to the current job he holds. Supporting the local school systems computer networks. A few days a week he works helping people with repair advice and parts to fix their cars.
Jerry tries to bring a new outlook to the normal gloom and doom of prepping and modern survival. By reminding people that the fastest way to recover their personal liberties is to take back the personal responsibilities they walked away from.