Coffee in My Cup Brewing A Cup


Coffee in My Cup Brewing A Cup

Coffee to some it is the only way to start the day. The smell the taste some people like it Black and Strong. Others Like it weak. I love it with Full Cream and Sugar. I know that as I grew up I have seen the technology for brewing coffee in the home change from the ever present stove top percolator to the contraptions of today. That make single serving cups of coffee.

I remember my mom making coffee on the stove top with and old stainless percolator.  I remember the bowl of egg shells setting with the coffee can and salt box nearby. You see making coffee with a stovetop percolator is a little voodoo and a little science. You don’t dump coffee and water into the pot wack it on the burner and wait until it perks. There are little tricks to turn the sometimes harsh nail biting cup of coffee from a percolator into and delicious enjoyable cup of coffee. If you can find them use filters in your percolator, crunch up half of a clean egg shell and put in the coffee grounds. The egg shell removes the Bitter Harsh taste of percolator coffee. A hard pinch of salt to the coffee grounds mellows the flavor of the coffee. Put the percolator together and put on the stove watch the percolator bulb for the coffee to get to the darkness you like. Remove the pot from the heat giving time for the pot to stop percolating. And the hot coffee to drain back into the pot. Remove the filter basket and percolator stem. Any grounds that got out of the filter basket should have settled. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Now in my life time the coffee maker of choice for most people has become the drip coffee maker. I remember my dad bringing home the Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker. At the time it was very expensive. If memory serves my dad paid about $40.00 for the First Mr. Coffee that would have been $249.13 accounting for inflation today. The sad thing is that you can go to Wal-Mart and get a drip coffee maker that is the same as the First original Mr. Coffee for around $12.00 I purchased one last year. The drip coffee maker was a improvement in brewing a cup of coffee over the percolator. You could just put your water in it fill the basket with ground coffee put the pot back and flip the switch and it made great coffee. No more fiddling with egg shells or salt. You didn’t have to watch the percolator bulb for the strength of coffee you wanted. Flip a switch and walk away. Come back in a few minutes and pour a cup of good coffee put the pot back and it kept the coffee hot for your next cup.

Coffee it is and interesting libation shared by Friend and Foe alike. Coffee became the American Drink over Tea when it became un-American to Drink Tea because of England raising the tax on tea. And the revolutionary war. For some time after the War of independence it was un-American to Drink Tea. Coffee Shops became the Norm and were often watched by spies from both sides. The founding fathers of our nation would carry on discussions over cups of coffee.

I love my morning Cup of Coffee, sugar and heavy whipping cream please. It brings back memories it wakes my mind it invigorates my senses.

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