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Atlas Shrugged a novel written in 1957 by Ayn Rand

 atlas shrugged

Atlas Shrugged a novel written in 1957 by Ayn Rand.

I read Atlas Shrugged in audible format after hearing Fellow podcasters Adam Curry and John C. Dorak banter back and forth about the book. John hates the book and Adam loved it. I have to admit that I love the book Atlas Shrugged. It is set in a dystopian United States, where  many of society’s most prominent and successful industrialists abandon their fortunes and the nation itself, in response to aggressive new regulations, Put in place by an ever encroaching government trying to control more and more of people’s lives. Government regulations, Political Correctness, and an ever growing social welfare state. Make it so that if you want to run business or create something you have to play by the rules of government. If you don’t play by their rules. The government just keeps creating rules and regulations to make it harder and harder to do your business. Continue reading