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On Vacation


Hello Friends, I am going on a Working Vacation from the page for a week I want to make some changes to the page to try and get more page views and more listeners to the podcast. I have made many mistakes but I hope to fix them and drive more interest in the podcast and webpage. You will see some changes over the week, and I hope to be back with better information and more topics.

Talk to you Sunday On Next Episode Of the Creek Road Podcast

Jerry Mollett


Healthy living Dealing With Heel Pain

plantar_fasciitis Heel Pain

Art from

Healthy living Dealing With Heel Pain

Dealing with Heel Pain. I have Heal Pain. When it is acting up it keeps me from my walking exercises. It has forced me to leave my 2nd job at Advanced Auto Parts. If you have experienced it you know what I am talking about. When you get up from a resting position it hurts. And getting up during the night or in the morning can be excruciating. This is a condition called “Plantar Fasciitis” In my case once I found a treatment it was easy and immediate relief from the pain. Continue reading

Gardening Tips Catching Rain Water


Gardening Tips Catching Rain Water

Every year the spring rains come and turn everyone’s yards into Muddy Messes. Every one Curses the spring rains for the mess they create. I look at them like a shower after a long hard day. Renewed life the clean smell, the songs of the birds and the twitter of the tree frogs after a spring rain are enough of a comparison to how I feel after a shower to be dismissed. Our grandparents looked at the spring rains as a chance to fill the ponds recharge the wells and top off the cisterns. Continue reading

Frugal Living The Frugal Secret!

The Frugal Secret

The Frugal Secret!

Nanny didn’t waste money but she wasn’t afraid to Spend it Either. she would Spend money on Big hams. Or that Huge Turkey. She knew The Frugal Secret!  Nanny was born during the years leading to the great depression. She had seen her fair share of hard times. It showed in how she cooked. She was an old time cook. The classic home maker that can walk into a bare kitchen and perform some kind of grandmother Voodoo that created a dinner from empty refrigerator and bare pantry shelves. I can’t count the number of times I came home to what I thought was an empty refrigerator complaining that there was nothing to eat!  Only to set down to a dinner table flush with Beans and Cornbread or Buttered Potatoes, Green Beans and Ham slices. This is a Skill that is Quickly disappearing in todays McMicrowave world. Join me as I tell you of The Frugal Secret! Continue reading

Slow Cooker SoFrit Chicken Gizzards

SoFrit With Broc chicken gizzards

SoFrit Chicken Gizzards & Harts in Tomato Pepper sauce

Have I got a Treat Of a recipe for your Crock Pot today. Slow Cooker Sofrit “Chicken Gizzards & Harts In a Tomato Pepper Sauce”. I went to the Google’s to see what the Italian translation for Chicken Gizzards was and found out that my conglomeration was a recipe. I had never heard of SoFrit. Oh By the Way the Italian Translation for Chicken Gizzards is “Ventriglio Di Pollo”. Olives-N-Okra Talk about Sofrit, or Chicken Gizzards & Hearts in Hot Sauce being and old Italian dish common in Rhode Island. My ingredients are so close that I am calling my dish SoFrit. Instead of Ventriglio Di Pollo or Italian Chicken Gizzards.
Continue reading

Frugal Living Oil Lamp Wick Maintenance


Frugal Living Oil Lamp Wick Maintenance

Growing up we had Oil lamps in the home in case the electric went out. These Effective and inexpensive forms of Light worked wonderfully keeping the Boogie Man away.  I would say that if you went from home to home in my part of the world as a child. You would find that almost everyone had the same oil lamps. They were as common as soup beans and fried taters. Continue reading

Turtles Ahead Look Out


Turtles Ahead Look Out

Today On my Way to one of the Schools I support. I was surprised to see in the road A Turtle. Now seeing Box Turtles in the road is not that uncommon in May or July. Unfortunately it is all too common to see the ever present Box Turtle Crushed on the road. But this wasn’t a Box Turtle. To be honest I didn’t know what kind of turtle it was. As normal I stopped and moved the turtle out of the road and take a few pictures. Continue reading

Frugal Living Oil Lamp

Oil Lamp

Frugal Living Oil Lamp

We have talked about Tea Light Candles conveyance of having them as a backup light source. Cheap Small and easy to stash in ever drawer they are at hand all the time. But what if you need more light or just want to find a way to use other things to make Light. Or Gasp you didn’t buy any and now you’re scrounging around trying to find a way to make some form of Illumination.

Let’s take a Page from History. Oil or Fat Lamps have existed you might as well say forever.  In their simplest forms they are a container with fat and a wick of some kind to draw the fat to the end of the wick where the flame Burns and produces light. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Recipe Beef Ragu

Beef Ragu

Slow Cooker Recipe Beef Ragu

I stumbled over an amazing Slow Cooker Recipe the other day Slow Cooker Beef Ragu so after reading the recipe It sounded so good I wanted to try it. If you want to see the original recipe I will link it here Little Leopard Book Slow Cooker Ragu. Looking over the list of Ingredients it was clear that it was not to complicated. It didn’t require a lot of Ingredients but I knew I could make it easier and faster if I use homemade spaghetti sauce or a Good store brought one. I love the Classico Brand of Pasta Sauce. You can find it in any store. There are several Ingredient combinations, Roasted Garlic and Tomato, Green Pepper and Onion, Tomatoes and Mushrooms, 4 Cheese, and they are all Good. So lets Slow Cook. Continue reading

Gardening Memories


Gardening Memories

Growing up in the 1970s like many children I had to help my family with the gardening. Picking rocks out of the dirt as dad ran the tiller, weeding, watering it seemed like it never ended. The only thing that never ended was my brother and I complaining that we wanted to go play. We had a large garden. My mother utilized it for all the fresh vegetables we would eat that summer. And large amounts of green beans, tomatoes were canned and potatoes stored. That garden put so many sweet pickle or as my mom called them bread and butter pickles in the cellar that it was several years after we moved before I opened the last jar. Continue reading