Can you Cook over and open fire

Cooking fire

Can You Cook over and open fire

I have heard it so many times “Ill Build and fire and cook dinner” Have you ever cooked over and open fire? I would guess that the consistency and simplicity of heat control of your modern Gas or Electric Stove has provide you with a false sense of confidence. I bet that if you asked 100 people on the street have you ever cooked on an open fire.  95 or better would say no. If you asked the Same 100 people do you think you can cook your dinner on an open fire 100 of them would say yes. To be honest I would bet that most of them would be able to eat something. But there is and art to cooking over an open fire. You can’t just turn the heat up and down with the flip of a knob. True campfire cooks know that you have to maintain and tend the fire, bank the coals know when it is cool enough so you can cook. That is right you just can’t build a roaring fire and stick your pan of hamburgers over the flames. You will have burnt outside and raw insides and ruined food and hungry bellies.

It takes practice and Skill to cook a truly delicious meal over an open fire. Oh anyone can cut a stick and stab a hotdog on it sticking it over the fire until it is done. Followed later with a marshmallows and screams of ITS HOT!!!

It takes practice to be able to cook a meal with an open fire. Spending time with the family on camping trips cooking your favorite meals next to a properly banked coal bed. Gives you the experience to confidently cook your dinner over the fire pit in the back yard when the powers been out for the last week. Plus you will know that you need some different tools to cook that steak that has to be used because the freezer is just not frozen any more. You can use your nonstick skillet but you would be better off using the cast iron pan out of the back of the cabinet. Cast iron pans are slow to heat and will be easier to control them next to the open fire or over the hot coals. Than that fast heating and cooling aluminum nonstick pan you use to make eggs on the stove.

It was the winter of 2001 I had been working for the school for only a short time. The global warning struck and we had the ice storm of ice storms. My sons woke me telling me that I should move the car the branches of the tree were getting low to the ground with ice buildup. I backed the car up just in case and later that day just after the power went out we heard a CREEEK Crash! We all ran to the window and sure enough there was a HUGE branch broken from the tree and Stabbed into the ground where my car had been. The power was out for almost a week. I cooked over the gas logs in my fireplace. The boys thought it was great fun watching Dad cook in and old Iron Skillet over the gas logs that kept the house from freezing the rest of the day. I have to admit that as emergencies go that week was a small one. We had food a way to cook and heat to keep us warm. A lot of other people in the same area were nowhere near as lucky. But I was able to cook over the fake logs and feed my family. But if I had to build a campfire and cook I couldn’t have done it then.

Can you??

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