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Welcome to The Creek Road Podcast
Exploring A Simplified Life, The New Old Fashioned Way

The Creek Road Podcast Is a Adventure in living a Simplified Life. At the same time using as much current technology to improve our lives as we can. As we  look back to see what our grandparents did to improve there lives. Often times we find that our Grandparents Lived the life they did out of choice. That newer isn’t always better, that peace can be found at the end of a shovel turning the garden soil or at the end of the hoe dealing with pesky weeds. That a Jar of Home Canned Green Beans is worth 10 from the Mega Mart. Some times Doing with less Makes for More of a Fulfilled lifestyle.

I Want to thank you for taking the time to join me on learning about Gardening, Slow Cooker Recipes, Raising Chickens, Healthy Lifestyles, Frugal Living, and losing Weight 100 pounds and Counting.

All this and So much More can be Found on TheCreekRoadPodcast.com Daily Blog
And the Weekly Podcast Covers all this and so much more. Fun and interesting topic ranging from This week in West Virginia, To transplanting thinned tomato seedlings instead of tossing them out . Guest interviews with interesting people who bring there point of view to the table.

So Come Join the Daily Information Cycle. and Grow your Skills and Live a Happier life.

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Thank you for Spending your time with me
Jerry Mollett


Picture From Flickr Commons: My Log Cabin 1985

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