18 Century Cooking Lifestyle

18 Century Cooking Lifestyle

I have discovered the most interesting You Tube Channel 18th Century Cooking Jas Townsend and Son. The Premises of the Show is of course 18th Century Foods and How to cook them. Mr. Jon Townsend has and opportunity in television content production. I wish the videos were longer and that says a lot about a production it is easy to make a long video with very little information. But to make the video short and contain all the information he puts into his video takes talent. He wears period clothes and uses period cooking products even to the point where he is in the woods cooking over and open fire. He also has a company that provides for the needs of Historical Reenactors. You can go to The Jas. Townsend and Son Online Catalog and order the items he uses in his YouTube Videos.

I have watched a lot of the videos on his You Tube Channel. Every night I watch a few just for the shear enjoyment of the reenactment of historical cooking. The interesting thing is that it is a look back at how our Great Great Grandparents Lived and Cooked. It is the Best opportunity to see how they cooked, baked, stored food, there is also a Cooking Blog Savoring the Past they show you in picture and story form how to make different 18th century recipes. And Sifting the Past is and Art History Blog covering the 18th Century and well worth a look the pictures are stunning. The opportunity to study how our grandparents lived and cooked is so valuable you can’t miss an opportunity to at least watch and learn. You don’t have to watch Jas Townsend and son on You Tube. But get out and watch the local historical reenactments around your town. It gives us the opportunity to rediscover skills and procedures. That to a lot of people are lost to time. And just might make you the hero of the next camping trip.  

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